Ducking Under

It certainly was another “whoosh” day for Holtz Realty.  Unfortunately, my wish for no rain wasn’t granted, but at least it didn’t pour down while I was out showing homes.  We all just took it in stride considering what we’ve already been thru since the first of the year.  It was so chilly and damp in my office today, I found a need to turn my furnace back on to get the chill off.

The delightful couple I was working with had some heartfelt stories to tell which made our time together all the more memorable.  I’ve discovered over these years a real joy in working with older buyers and sellers.  There’s so much to learn from them if only we’d take the time to listen.

One of our subjects of conversation was about the pill-pushing drug companies and some of our doctors who refuse to listen to their patients because they’re convinced they know what’s best.  No one knows your body better than you do, so if you believe a medical professional is giving the wrong advice, it’s likely your body telling you otherwise.  There’ve been very few doctors over the years whom I’ve considered to be soulful enough to respectfully listen to their patients while truly wanting the best for them.  Someone once said after a un-necessary procedure was being prescribed for a relative, “It must’ve been time for that doctor to make another payment on his boat.”

All too often we believe there’s a pill to fix everything without considering side-effects and drug interactions which can create all the more problems.  There are also those who refuse to allow their bodies to heal themselves whenever catching a cold or the flu.  It’s no wonder so many have weak immune systems which open doors for the really nasty viruses and bacteria.  Have you ever wondered why so many people back around the turn of the last century lived so long?  It was likely because there weren’t so many drugs on the market. I wouldn’t be surprised if our average life expectancy has dropped since then.

The highlight of my day was getting one of my office listings sold, along with both the buyers and sellers feeling good about it.  I’m sure the new buyers are going to love their home all the more once our weather turns pleasant.  I’ve always believed that if you buy a home during an overcast day, you’ll like it all the more once the sun starts shining.

I was quite disturbed by an article I read later today about a demonstration that was being presented by Google to show off their advanced “bot” using their DeepMind WaveNet software that creates computer generated voices which can mimic voices, adjust for pauses, use colloquialisms, and even throw in circumlocutions.   One of the comments made by a professor after listening to Google’s presentation was her being sadly surprised by how the general public and institutions hadn’t risen up in protest against it.

Yes, Google said that anytime it would be used, their “bots” would announce that their voices were not that of real humans.  My first thought was, “Oh yeah right!  Let some rogue cyber-crime syndicate get a hold of it and tweak out the “I’m not human” introduction, and we’ll all be in deep shite.”  The scariest part about it, is the ability of their software to mimic a given human’s voice.  Too scary to even think about.

While it was raining this morning, I snapped the above photo which I took of a group of ducks who were ducking under a tree.  That’s my little play with words tonight.

I fully agree with today’s one-liner which is:  Selflessness is the highest achievement.

Joe Chodur

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