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Another pleasant day in North Iowa unfolded with it having cooled down to more normal May temperatures.  I’m hoping the farmers aren’t so far behind that they have to switch from corn to beans. It still makes me wonder why they aren’t planting switchgrass.  Yes, they have to wait a full a year before harvesting, but at least it’s a perennial that returns every year.  As I’ve said before, switchgrass produces far more ethanol per ton than corn, and far better at preventing soil erosion.  Oh well, someday the powers that be will get it right.

Did I ever mention how much I hate shopping?  It was confirmed again when taking time out of my day to go looking for something for the garden, and when returning to one of the stores to buy the best I’d found in our City, I discovered it had been sold but an hour earlier.  Urgh!  What made matter worse, was that I’d have to wait three to four weeks for another one to get shipped in from their supplier.  I guess someone else was on a path looking for the very same thing.  Oh well, I’ll just have to make do with what I have and live with it.

The bulk of my day was spent showing homes to a charming elderly couple.  After meeting them for the first time, I soon discovered the both of them to be absolutely delightful.  The Mrs. is one of those rare ones who exudes a deep goodness.  After being with them for several hours, I decided her to be another one of those rare angels who somehow managed to take human form.  If I should never meet her again, I’ll be retaining an acute memory of her bright blue eyes and angel-soft voice.  I could only dream of what our world would be like if surrounded by people in possession of such selfless goodness.

It’s not surprising me that 40 Lakeview Drive here in Mason City is already getting showings on it.  I personally have an appointment to show it tomorrow afternoon, and you can be sure I’ll be pointing out all the extras, including the quality of materials and labor used when it was built.  I’ve read a number of times that we humans have a primeval draw to bodies of water, and Lake Cona Toma is certainly a body of water.

Some scientists believe it’s a genetic memory of sorts that was hard-coded into our brains thousands of years ago, and continually passed on to following generations.  When you think about it, all life came from the sea, so it makes sense that we are drawn back to it.  I personally love water–especially if it’s flowing.  Clear rivers and streams are the best to just have a seat at their shorelines and watch the continuous change in their colors and clarities.  If you’re quiet enough, all of Mother Nature’s little birds and animals begin treating you as guest of hers while believing you’re just another one of her loving entities she’s thrown within their midst.

Believe it or not, I’m not a fisherman.  I truly love eating some of our area’s fish, but I just can’t bring myself to start opening that door.  Part of my problem is that when very young, I was carted off with others on fishing trips, when rather stay home and playing with my childhood friends, or carrying out some simple chores for my mother.  I laugh to myself while remembering all the times clients and customers had asked me about fishing, and my knee-jerk response always being, “I’m saving the art of fishing for my retirement years.”

It was quite the busy Thursday for me, and I’m finding there’ll be a repeat of it tomorrow.  I have buyers coming in from out of State, and I’m hoping the weather will be kind and not rain on our “parade” while we’re out looking.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Selfishness is the most basic of motivations.

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