What Stalin and Hitler Created

I’m sure there weren’t many out in today’s weather with the cold drizzle that started early-on. At least we didn’t get hit with what the Eastern Seaboard is now enduring.  Yes, our weather patterns are getting quite erratic these recent years.

The only productive thing I managed to get done today, was write an offer on a vacant lot. I thought it was well within range considering how long it’s been on the market, so we’ll see what happens come tomorrow.

There was more accounting and bill-paying to get done, which filled the bulk of my morning, along with running a few errands. One of my stops was at a bank to deposit funds for others, and wouldn’t you know, I almost always have to endure a not so favorite teller who knows I’m not the least bit “in like”. As much as I really work at not paying much attention, there always has to be something un-necessary said which I’m now simply ignoring, so we’ll see what happens the next time I’m in their drive-up. If nothing else, I’ll just have to park, go inside, and get waited on by another. Since I worked a number of years at a bank, I’m fully familiar with how tellers are supposed to conduct themselves with bank customers, and the one I dislike, has every reason to be ignored.

I was in absolute shock when seeing another “lipsticked pig” having sold, and all I could say to myself was, “There’ll be a day arriving when whomever purchased it will curse they day they signed that purchase agreement.” I’m convinced our general home-buying public has got to get themselves fully educated when it comes to looking at the important and definitely more costly things other than wall colors, countertops and flooring. Like they’ve always said, “A fool and his money will soon be parted.”

One of my dear friends forwarded me an article which was posted on KIMT today. When reading it, all I could do was pick up the phone and call her. Can you believe our City Council is now looking at purchasing that section of the Mall where the arena and offices are? There’s no question in my mind the owner who has our City tied into a long term rental contract that’s all in his favor, will be prompting him to only sell it to our “City” if there’s a fat premium in the sale price. Buying out contracts is lucrative business, and you can be sure, the owner will come out smelling like a rose, while our residents will be left with yet another big debt to pay off.

Because I don’t have the time needed, I wish someone with research skills would dig deep enough in our City’s financials year-over-year, and see just how many municipal bonds we are servicing compared to say 20 years ago. I’m certain it would be a shocker. It seems to me every time cities start moving into the area of being debt-free, they find some other cockamamie “necessity” to shove down the throats of their residents. Don’t even get me started on those un-necessary additions they’re building out at our public high school. Don’t they realize our population is going down? They have to be reminded we’re not Rochester or the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area. I’d like to know what’s in the Kool-Aid our “powers that be” are drinking.

I’m being wicked now when saying they shouldn’t have re-named our mascot River Hawks, but rather the Prairie Falcons, because it seems every year we’re seeing more and more murals being painted on our commercial buildings in the prairie school design. They used to say Mason City had a wide variety of architecture, but it looks like some think prairie school is the only way to describe the last outpost to be found before entering the People’s Republic of Minnesota. Yes, I much prefer Prairie Falcons over River Hawks, but of course, who am I to judge? And as a footnote, the given name of a river hawk is “osprey”.

We’re still getting showings on 683 – 16th St. SE, but no offers. I think we’ve had at least five offers on it since it was listed, so perhaps with all these lipsticked pigs going for such high prices, there’ll be a common sense buyer arrive on the scene.

With these spiking heating bills, I don’t feel a bit sorry for some of last year’s buyers who paid way too much for several monster houses in our city. I’m sure they’re having to work overtime to pay those bloated bills. There’s on in particular which had have those new owners squealing like little piggies when they opened up their Alliant bills. One again, that’s all that tripped their triggers were “eye candies”.

I had to run out and do a little clothing shopping which I absolutely hate. I did manage to find one shirt that fit well and appeared to be of medium quality. Of course I always have to check country of origin, and than goodness it wasn’t made it China. I ended up swallowing hard and buying it even though it was made in India. I’m not too happy with India right now because of how they’ve not stood up against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

After reading the international news these last several days, I’m brought nearly to tears when seeing and reading what those retreating Russian devils did to innocent Ukrainians. I don’t care what anyone says about those soldiers because no matter if they were given orders, or freely took it upon themselves to murder those people, they must be brought to justice. In my book, it’s nothing less than genocide, and you can be sure the more corpses the Ukrainians find, the more determined they’ll be to fight even harder. If someone would’ve told me a year ago today that we’d be seeing a war similar to what Stalin and Hitler created when they invaded Poland, my reply would’ve been, “What kind of crack-cocaine have you been smoking?”

Tonight’s One-liner is: Mankind must put and end to war before war puts an end to mankind.

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