Sending Big Mobile Incinerators

These gray and windy days seem to have become commonplace in North Iowa, and for sure I’m not liking them in the least bit. Because the northwest wind has now picked up again, it’s making me wonder if the Jet Stream is wobbling once more. There’s no doubt I made a big mistake by not wearing my winter coat today, but fortunately I had my “wools” on. There’ll be more tree branches and sticks to be picked up once this wind dies down.

I did manage to get that lot sale put together, so at least I can say I’ve got something sold this first week of April. I also received an offer on 683 – 16th St. SE this morning, but when seeing how low it was, I knew it was going to be a waste of time, which it ended up being because the seller simply rejected it while saying, “We’re too far apart for me to even think about counter-offering.” When seeing it was from another investor, it came as no surprise they’d offered low. If only we could get an owner-occupant interested in it.

Once again, part of my day was spent working on the end of month accounting which didn’t take long because everything balanced to the penny, so there was no digging for mistakes necessary. Someone recently said that time flies like the unravelling of a toilet paper roll in the wind. I’d never heard that expression before, but I think at times it’s closer to the truth than we want to admit.

There was an unexpected visitor at my office this afternoon who was referred to me by a dear elderly lady whom I’d done some real estate work for about three years ago. I couldn’t help saying that I was just thinking of her several days ago and wondering how she was doing. I was glad to hear all has been well with her because she was not in the best of spirits during that time because of the recent loss of a close relative.

My visitor thought I wasn’t very familiar with the home she’s planning on listing with me, but it didn’t take long for her to realize my having had a close tie to that neighborhood for many years. I spent a good amount of time talking about our market and the shortage of homes we have, along with mentioning how important it is to have properties looking as good as they can get before being listed because there are too many buyers out there expecting to find “move-in” conditions.

A buyer finally got back to me today to let me know he wasn’t interested in purchasing a home I showed him last week. He doesn’t realize it yet, and I dare not say anything to him because I know the more houses he looks at, the more he’s going to be confused.

There’s an invisible threshold for buyers who’ve looked at more than the average before buying, and once they’ve crossed it, it becomes a very long journey. There’ve been buyers in the past that I’ve show upwards of forty homes to before they’d finally pulled the trigger. The sad part about it, is that they “flew over” better homes than what they ended up with, and in the end, they’d nearly always mention a house or two they should’ve offered on at the time. I’m afraid that particular buyer has already crossed his threshold. Oh well, when there’s so much time invested, it’s best to stick with them.

The highlight of my day was a visit I had with a young gentleman who’s got one of the most uplifting personalities, and since I’ve crossed paths with him several times before, I mentioned something about him getting his real estate license. “Oh, I could never do that.”, he said. Of course I couldn’t help insisting he could, because he possess a strong work ethic, takes good care of himself, and has a winning smile. You can be sure I’ll be pressing him all the more the next time I see him. I’d be more than willing to help get him started, and since he knows a great many people in our area, I’m pretty sure they’d would want to work with him once he got himself established.

I just discovered my tomato and pepper plants are starting to germinate, which now has me worrying that I started them too early, and only because of how crazy this weather’s been. Let’s hope I can keep them going until the danger of frost is over.

I’ve been hearing some not so nice comments about what our City is up to with the old Mohawk Square, and mostly because there’s more money being spent which could possibly end up being a bad crap-shoot. It’s just one more example of people freely spending money that was hard-earned by others. Have you ever noticed how often beneficiaries of estates burn thru the money they’d inherited? Well, it’s on the same line of municipalities needlessly spending money they didn’t have to work for.

Oh my gosh! I just heard today that the Ukrainians have discovered another mass grave near the Russian border, and another mention of Russia now sending big mobile incinerators into those war zones, which means they’ll likely be using them to get rid of the evidence of murdered Ukrainian civilians, along with their dead Russian troops.

It seems every day we hear about more atrocities, and each time Putin’s circle is confronted about it, all those happenings are turned into fake news. One of the Russian dissidents who’s living in Europe went on to say that the Russian populous has been so heavily indoctrinated for generations with the concept of freely lying about real facts, it’s now part of their DNA. Wow. If that be true, and I believe it to be, it would be another example of Morphic Resonance. Even if there’s a change in leadership in Russia, it will take generations for them to evolve back to where they should be. That whole Russian military reminds me a a pack of vicious wild dogs. Oh, how well I remember.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I’ve never advocated war except when it’s a means for a good and lasting peace.

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