Killers of Time

With this weather, it’s been seeming all the more like the movie “Ground Hog Day” where you get up at a certain time and it’s all a repeat of the day before. At least we did have some sun-breaks this afternoon and being just enough to tease us.

Starting around eight this morning, I worked for about four solid hours doing some final cleaning up after an exceptionally thoughtless person who must’ve been waited on hand and foot from the time she came down the chute. As I said to a gentleman later this afternoon, “I don’t care if it’s a new house or old, if it’s dirty, I ain’t living in it.”, which has been my standard for a very many years. Yes, everyone “thinks” they know what clean is, but when seeing how homes are left by people who’ve moved out and walked away, I’d say there needs to be some serious re-education of our younger crowd.

I’ll wager 90% of those being of 40 years and younger have never scrubbed a floor on their hands and knees in their entire lives, and the sad part about it is, they’re promoting the likelihood of being infected by contagions more often. I’m sure you recall reading some of the findings regarding this China-virus where they’re convinced most won’t come down with it if they’re only lightly exposed in short periods. With that said, how many homes do you think there are across our country that are teeming with viruses and bacteria, and mostly due to their residents not keeping them clean? You’ve certainly also read that soap and water kills most viruses because it dissolves their oily protective coatings. Now let’s think about all those that’ve gone before us who didn’t seem to get sick as often as the rest of us, and then remembering how clean they kept their homes and usually weren’t much for socializing out in the general public. It all goes back to the amounts of continued exposure.

Now talking about continued exposure, I couldn’t believe how many people were needlessly out and about today, and while driving past some of our restaurants with indoor seating, their parking lots were nearly full. Have all those people forgotten we’re still in the midst of a pandemic? They must be either lazier than sloths, starved for social interaction, or don’t have a clue how to boil water. Whatever the case, they’re likely causing our virus infections to rise and I don’t like it one bit. Just when I thought people were starting get back to the basics, they’ve returned to their familiar old ditches.

Before heading to my office, I grabbed a deluxe crunchy taco at Taco Bell’s drive-thru, and when munching on it back at my office, I was delighted to find how tasty it was. They must be really getting their act together, so perhaps more people will start going there instead of waiting in those eternally long drive-thru lines Taco Tico.

I arrived at my open house at 115 S. Connecticut about five minutes early, which gave me enough time to get all the doors unlocked and lights switched on. It was about 10 minutes after the closing hour when the last couple walked out, and still a bit of shock to to have had so many people in attendance which tells me our general public is finally coming to a realization that it is a very good home for the money. There were two young couples there who were showing a great deal of interest to the point I’ll not be surprised if I get a call from one of them for a second look. Truth be told, I’m not a fan of hosting open houses, but I’ve never had a problem with 115 S. Connecticut because I have my special window seat facing the south, and whenever someone’s not there, I continue reading whatever reading material I carried with me. Yes, it’s one heck of a comfortable home and I do hope whomever purchases it, will appreciate it as much as I do.

After picking up my signs and depositing them back at my office, I proceeded to get some necessary typing done, and to my surprise, I didn’t make one mistake while filling in the blanks of a six page document, and glad I didn’t because my typewriter isn’t equipped with a correction ribbon feature. I must’ve been more focused along with my fingers following every instruction coming from above.

With a couple hours to kill before my last appointment, I headed out to Tractor Supply to pick up some rat and mouse poison, and then on to Menard’s to buy some heavy-duty garbage bags. I have no idea what it is with me whenever I’m in that store because from the time I walk in to when I exit, it seems I have a mood change which isn’t the best. Of course there were far too many people strolling the aisles which wasn’t to my liking, so I went and grabbed what I needed, waited to pay, and then out their doors. When noticing the amount of un-necessary crap people had in their shopping carts, I’d say their Menard’s visits are nothing more than killers of time, and now that I’m discovering Fleet Farm’s full line of merchandise, my Menard’s visits will likely be all the fewer.

My last appointment of the day went well, and all the happier to find one more hard-working professional deciding to make North Iowa his home. It’s funny how we grow so much accustomed to our Wisconsin-North Iowa accent/dialect to where we quickly notice even the slightest of differences in speech and our knee-jerk reactions being they’re not from these parts. Yes, I wish we’d have all the more young professionals populating our area because I’m of the belief that if we have a workforce of such caliber, the more likely we’d have companies locate here. It’s sort of a reverse of “The Field of Dreams” where if we have the talented people, they’ll come here to build. Make sense?

When visiting with a buyer today, I couldn’t help lifting my filters when asking, “Do you like this home to the point you can see yourself living here?”, and his answer being, “Yes I can”. Of course I couldn’t have been more to the point when after saying, “Well then stop your vacillating and buy it!” Yes, I can be driven be border-line tactless.

Tonight’s one-liner is: To succeed in these times, it is not enough to be stupid, as you must also be ill-mannered.

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