Where we’ll be in Twenty

Alas the clouds finally left us and the sunshine returned for our entire day. While driving in it this morning, it felt all the more glaring, but then realized I’d grown used to the many days gray skies.

Once again, my first duty of Sunday morning was to get to my quiet corner and work at my contemplative prayer. Now that I’ve grown regimented to it, my time spent is more relaxed and growing all the more focused with my desired thoughts instead of other un-wanted visuals creeping in. Yes, it does take time for us to train our minds to not be thinking about nonsense during our quiet times of prayer. It’s now making me wonder if all the more of those seated or kneeling in church are truly praying, or if they’re just going thru the motions. I can’t distinctly remember where it was written many hundreds of years ago that the best area to connect with our higher power is to be in a darkened and quiet room. I’m sure being in such a place helps with the keeping of distractions at a minimum.

After I had my Sunday religious session finished, I changed my clothes and went back out to work on what was once a daunting project, but after remaining diligent with getting it done, it’s coming to the point where it’s end is in sight. I’m glad the sun was shining while working because it always keeps a person in better spirits when doing something that’s not the most pleasant. I did stop for a few water breaks while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Being hell-bent to get nearly everything I wanted done, I finally had to call it quits after nearly four solid hours, and while driving away I looked back and quietly said to myself, “You’re getting there.”

Upon my return to the office, I spent about 20 minutes cleaning and vacuuming so I’d be ready for another work week ahead, and then started working on a listing packet for a home I’ll be placing on the market tomorrow if I get all the documents emailed back to me in the morning. I then went out and measured all the rooms along with making notes of the homes features, along with taking enough photos which I’ll post with it. Since it’s in a lower price range and in pretty good condition, it should sell relatively quickly and hopefully not to an investor because there are far too many lower-income tenants who should be buying it, just so they can get their housing costs reduced.

I’m sure all over America there are those millions who’re financially trapped in their rentals because of their rents being so high to where they can’t save enough money for a downpayment. It’s even happening here in North Iowa where we have land barons owning a great number of rental units and charging far more than I think they’re worth.
Yes, it’s easier to get ahead here than in the metro areas where homes are many times more expensive, while on the flip-side, our income levels are much lower on average.

Later this afternoon I had to meet with a seller and get her signature on a document which we had to amend due some improvements the buyer’s lender was calling for, and fortunately the buyer and seller agreed to split the cost of those improvements. After getting everything signed, we had a good long chat about how families can grow so distantly apart after the last parent dies, and the interesting thing about it, is my finding the more children there are, the more polarized they become after both their parents are gone. We both agreed that the best thing for those children to do, is to wish each other the best, and then just move on into the next phases of their lives. For the strangest of reasons, I always thought indifference was a sin, but not many years ago I was brought up to speed regarding the different forms of indifference where if it’s put into action in a positive sense, then it’s just Ok to feel that way about those who’ve gone past the point of no return in a relationship. Yes, wish them the very best, but stay as far away as possible, but no farther.

There were a few items I wanted to deliver to a friend of mine so I called to make sure she was home and then drove over. She was delighted to get what I gave her which didn’t surprise me because I’m familiar with her tastes. Before leaving, I couldn’t help sharing some of the recent happenings I’ve had with nameless clients and customers. I got a good laugh when she said, “Those are velcro personalities.” Oh what a perfect description of a few, who when you allow them to get too close, they stick like velcro. She also brought me up to speed by insisting they don’t even realize they’re that way. While driving back to my office and thinking about those velcro people I’ve crossed paths with over these long years, I’m pretty sure my friend is correct regarding their inability to realize they’re doing it. Pretty scary.

When I returned to my office, I took the time to page thru a book I recently acquired which was printed in 1978 and containing the history of Worth County. Just by paging thru and reading a few paragraphs in several sections, I’ll be sure to keep it out in full view, and whenever I have a some time to spare, I’ll have to dig into it a little deeper.
Its history goes all the way back to when the first recorded settler built a partially underground hut back in the 1850’s. My how times have changed in such a short period when realizing 160 years is but a drop in the bucket from the time human history was first recorded. Yes, the age of computerization has catapulted us into many uncharted territories. It now makes a person wonder where we’ll be in twenty.

While out working this morning, I took the above photo of a dew-covered spider web. I snapped it with my cell phone because I didn’t have my camera with me. If I had my camera, I would’ve been able to take one more representative of the natural beauty I just happened upon. I continue to marvel at the artistic abilities of our lowly spiders.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Each player must accept the cards life deals him/her, but once they’re in hand, he/she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.

Joe Chodur

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