Thankfully Helped Myself

We should all feel blessed it was a near perfect day for the festivities in our Downtown today, and you can be sure I was out placing my open house signs earlier this morning before the streets were closed and the traffic started building up.

I had to get a few personal errands run before making a call to my dear aunt to see if I could stop and see her this morning.  When I rang her up and asking if I could drop by for a few minutes, she chuckled and replied, “You’re always welcome in my home.”

When I got there, she was standing in her living room with that same delightful smile on her face.  I couldn’t help hugging her while saying, “You are my all-time favorite aunt!”  She then gave me a nudge and said, “Well, I guess I really don’t have much competition since I’m your last one living.”  I then teasingly replied, “Oh, but you’ve forgotten I still have one on the other side of my tribe.”   “Oh yes, I keep forgetting about her.”, she replied.

We sat and had a good visit along with looking at some old family photos she’d pulled out which she promised to share with me the next time I stopped over.  She also asked if I went to visit the graves, and of course I couldn’t help but tell her about the number of gravestones I’d seen damaged and tipped over up at a country cemetery in Worth County.  I still can’t get my brain wrapped around any human being doing such a vicious thing.

After I left my aunt’s home, I drove Downtown with camera in hand to take some photos of the Band Festival.  When seeing I was over a half hour late, I didn’t realize how quickly it was moving along.  I got some pretty good shots of what I thought worthy, along with some photos of people I know which I’ve added as a gallery in tonight’s article.

Just for your information, the feature photo is one I took of the rear deck at my new listing located at 415 – 1st St. SE here in Mason City.  Now that’s a party deck if I’ve ever seen one! And by the way, I’ve scheduled a public open house on it this coming Saturday from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

I my way back, I stopped by St. Paul Lutheran Church just to say “Hi” and visit with their pastor and some of their members, as well as snapping a few photos while there. They were giving away free popcorn, so I thankfully helped myself.  When looking at the time, I had to hurry back to my office all the faster, just so I’d be able to make it to my public open house on time.

It was a delightful surprise to find so many people in attendance at today’s “open” which was at 24 – 11th St. NE.  There was actually a couple there that looked at it about three months ago who decided they wanted to stop back for a second look now that the snow is gone.

There was one particular young couple there whom I believe to be the perfect match for that home considering the number of children they have, along the abilities they possess when it comes to making home improvements.  You can be sure I really worked all the harder at getting them to see the extras that home has to offer.  Since the husband does woodworking, that third stall of its garage would make a perfect workshop.  They were there for a long time, and I’ll continue hoping they’ll be the ones to purchase it.

After I picked up my open house signs, I decided to stop at a near-by home that I sold about six months ago to a very hard working couple.  They were busying themselves in their flower garden, and the first thing his wife said to me as I walked up was, “Do you want any hostas?”  Oh Mercy!  You can bet I said “Yes” in a hurry because they have some rare ones.  I pointed out two different varieties I would like, and more than willingly she said, “We’ll dig some “starters” out of them and drop them off at your office next week. What a thoughtfully selfless thing to do!  I’ve already got a spot in mind where I’ll be planting them.

Since I didn’t have any later appointments, I decided to take a short drive to a church Service.  I was convinced I’d be late, but I made it there just as the bells began to toll.  I was surprised to find so many vacant pews, and likely because it’s Memorial Day Weekend.  For sure there were more people leaving North Iowa this weekend than arriving.  Metro Des Moines and the Twin Cities seem to be where most extended families end up, and almost always because they had to follow job opportunities.

I did mention to one of my dear ones today that I’m really working all the harder at being kind, thoughtful and caring in these times because I’m finding even those who are in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, are getting all the more wicked with what they’re saying and doing.  Something has definitely changed in our society because back when I was young, there were far more delightful seniors I would be encountering than there are now.  What in the world is happening?

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The mere process of growing old together will make our slightest acquaintances seem like bosom buddies.


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