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When knowing today was going to be a busy one, I made sure to get to the office and cracking all the earlier.  I was terribly disgusted when finding it had rained again last night which makes me wonder when this nonsense is going to stop.  I’m beginning to think this is truly going to be a re-play of last year’s growing season.

My first job was to get my new listing posted online which is located at 415 – 1st St. SE here in Mason City.  I couldn’t have complimented the sellers more on how well they’ve taken care of their grand home that’s located in walking distance to all the cultural hot spots in our Historic Downtown.  You can be sure I spent all the more time reviewing the photos I took, along with my narratives before posting them, just so to make sure all the extra features were noted.

I could go on for hours when talking about all the pleasantries it has to offer which includes a main floor family room, a large enclosed porch that faces east which speaks of morning news over cups of coffee.  Then there’s the party-size deck facing its generously sized rear fenced yard which I could hear whispering, “When do we start grilling?”

What I also found notable, were the generous sizes of nearly every room in the home  which is usually not found in others of its vintage.  Even the bedrooms were larger than what one would normally find in homes much newer.  Of course the oak floors had me sold right off the bat because I despise wall-to-wall carpeting.

The owners spent thousands of dollars over these recent years in lasting upgrades which included the building of a over-sized double garage which architecturally matches the home.  How often do you find an owner taking that much time, effort, and money to pair-up old and new?

Since I’ve been in more homes than I’d ever want to admit, I can assure you that I have never ever seen a front door of a vintage home with it’s original glass still intact which happens to be of a ruby red in color.  When I was standing in front of it and looking out, I couldn’t believe the creepy-cool visual effect it had on what I was looking at.  Now that was a first.

I now have every bit of information on this fabulous home posted online, so do take some time to have a look because it’s definitely not one of those run-of-the-mill older homes that look and feel like all those many others you’ll find in Mason City and North Iowa.  All it’ll take is one look, and you will agree.

My mid-morning appointment was with a young gentleman who had some documents to review and sign.  It didn’t take me long to notice he was writing with an ink pen.  I was in near shock to see such a thing, because it’s been years since I’ve seen anyone, let alone  a man who’s thirty-something, casually signing his name with one.  Seeing him with that pen in hand caused many memories of my school years to come rushing forward.

I went on to inform him that when I was in school, we were not allowed to write with a ball-point pen, which I didn’t understand why at the time, and then later dismissing it as being just one more of my school’s strict requirements.  As chance would have it, today’s visitor had the answer when saying, “An old nun told me once that they insisted on their students writing with ink pens because ball-point pens had a way of spoiling good penmanship.”  When you think about it, she was right because when writing with an ink pen, your writing is much lighter and more flowing, and if you press too hard, you’ll damage its metal tip, and that’s definitely not a good thing.  I did find out later that his pen is a German made instrument, and likely all the better constructed.  Just to satisfy my curiosity, I’ll have to take time to investigate their prices.

A home I just recently listed was sold today by an agent from another office.  It didn’t surprise me a bit that it sold quickly because of it being move-in ready.  I’m not looking for any problems with the financing on it because I am familiar with the people purchasing it.

My last appointment today was to go out and do a walk-thru on an estate home for one of the relatives.  It made me a little sad when seeing it still containing all the many personal belongings. I stayed only long enough to fill a page with notes on the home, and then off I went.

While there, I was once again reminded that there are two “camps” of surviving relatives.  There’s one group that says, “Get rid of it all!”, and the other saying, “Let’s take our time and soulfully go thru these things.”  You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve seen driveway drop-off dumpsters full of family memorabilia.  Too sad to even think about.

Now don’t forget about my new listing at 415 – 1st St. SE which is parked right in the middle of our City’s crescent of culture.  The above photo is just one of my exterior shots.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The ultimate value of life depends on awareness, and the oft-times dismissed power of contemplation, rather than following those prehistoric survival instincts that continue to replicate due to morphic resonance.

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