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As was expected, this morning was a beast with the amount of snow that had to be moved.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t so biting cold which prompted me to put more layers of clothes on just so I could stay out there longer.  Thank goodness I have a long wool coat that I wear whenever I have to be outdoors for any length of time.  I’m sure I was quite the sight when seeing me wearing ear muffs and a stocking cap.  I had to take my glasses off so I could see what I was doing because the heat from my breath was making them frost over.

After about three grueling hours, everything that needed shoveling was done and for sure I was pooped.  There’s some additional non-critical shoveling needed, but I’m leaving that for another day because my main focus was on getting driveways and public sidewalks cleared.  When thinking about it this morning, I believe this particular February is the longest lasting, and most certainly due to this crazy weather.  Whatever happened to this month being our downward slide to Spring?

If we get any more measurable amounts of snow without there being an in-between thaw, we’re going to have a heck of a time finding places to put it.  What’s all the more scary, are the crossroads of streets and highways with their tall banks of snow that one cannot look over enough to see if there’s a car coming.

I’m sure many of those living in the Sunbelt States are laughing about all the snow we’re getting, but I hope they’re not giggling too hard because Mother Nature could be sharpening her nails for them come summer.  I’ve never been one to gloat over the troubles of others because it’s just not right.  There’ve been those that’ve done some nasty things over the years, and my belief is that more sooner than later, jus divinum will  kick in and that will be that.

Another agent submitted an offer on one of my listings today and it looks like we’ve come together on a price.  That’s all I’m waiting for are the changes to be made by the buyers’ agent so I can get the purchase agreement shipped off to the seller for signatures.  Before I send it off, I’m going to insist on a copy of the buyers’ pre-approval letter because I don’t want to have that home tied up for weeks without it.

I have a closing tomorrow morning on a home I sold about a month ago.  It could have been closed before now if the appraiser would’ve been out there sooner.  I can’t understand why they take their sweet time to do their inspections because we’re not in the midst of a rapidly moving market.

Late this afternoon I met the buyer at the property for his final walk-thru.  Since the home does need a great deal of cosmetic work, I did take some time to make suggestions regarding much needed updates.  Since I was fully familiar with the before and after of a home that’s a near twin of this one, I was all the more vocal about where to start and what would be the first and foremost things I’d be doing.  I guess I was pretty long-winded because I suddenly realized we were there for well over an hour.  I’m pretty confident he’ll do a very good job with the home while wishing him all the best with his new project.

I’m wondering now if our mail carriers were out today because I don’t remember seeing any of them walking or driving their trucks.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they were told not to go out considering how deep the snow was–especially those mountainous drifts.  For sure, that extended strong wind was sending snow into every conceivable crack and crevice.  I was shocked to find the mailbox outside my office filled with snow.  Now that was quite a trick on nature’s part.  I’m glad I wasn’t in our Downtown’s wind tunnel  yesterday because there were some creepy looking drifts when I pulled up this morning.

The above photo is one I took yesterday while that wicked wind was blowing.  I was shocked when seeing a snowmobiler bouncing around in the distance.  Now that’s what I considered being more stupid than brave.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Having two bathrooms ruined the capacity to co-operate.

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