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I’m sure everyone is beginning to wonder when it’s going to start warming up.  It’s rather unusual to find it this cold on a daily basis considering we’re already three days away from March.  I’m gonna hope we don’t get hit with another storm this weekend that’s already predicted.  Oh well, it’s all the game of chance whenever looking forward at the beginning of our winter season.  If there’s anything that’s noticeably changed in recent years, I’d say it’s the many more windy days we’ve been getting.

After opening my gas and electric bill, I was once again reminded how cold these past 30 days were.  I’m sure there’ll be a number of people screaming when they open theirs.  I’ll never forget looking at my outdoor thermometer that one night and seeing it bouncing between -49 and -50 degrees below zero.  In all my life I’ve never seen our temperatures drop that far, and hope to nevermore.

We had another “soft landing” closing on a home sale today, and all the happier for it.  The buyer and I stayed afterwards and had a good chat about by-gone days and choices made.  Since we’ve known each other for a number of years but never really stayed connected, I had to bring him up to speed with what’s been happening in my life over these past decades.  I couldn’t have praised him enough for the years of care he’s given his parents, and I know for a fact they’re exceptionally thankful for it.  He dismissed my praise by saying, “It really hasn’t been a big deal because I’ve always figured it was something I would do because I wanted to.”

Little does he know how all the more rare people like him are becoming when it comes to taking care of their aging parents.  Without thinking really hard, I’d say he’s one of three in our area that comes to mind.  I hear many weak excuses from the children of aging parents, but never hearing the real reasons why they refuse to take active steps with their care.  The nursing home business is alive and well, and for sure they’ll be growing more as our baby boomers continue to grow older.

I had quite an interesting chat with a gentleman who was delivering a stove to a rental home belonging to a client.  Of course I couldn’t just stand there waiting as he was installing it, so I had ask about his other work since making appliance deliveries is just a side-line for him.

After our visit, I was once again reminded how inter-connected people are here in North Iowa.  I think I left him speechless several times when telling him I remembered the place where he lives, along with knowing some of his relatives.  He claimed to have lived a rather jaded life when young, but since I wasn’t a spectator, I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Just being there and visiting with him, I’d say he was making little naughty happenings into mountainous cardinal sins.  Before he left I said, “You better stay on the path of goodness or you’ll be greeted with open arms by Lucifer when you end up on the other side.”  He was trying to play the tough bad boy when responding, “That won’t be a problem because I’ll have fun playing with him.”  I then shook my finger at him while saying, “You can be sure he’ll be torturing you with the things you’ve hated the most.”

While over at City Hall to pay my utility bills, I stopped in the foyer for a nice chat with their custodian who was mopping the floor.  I’ve always liked visiting with him because he’s normally a chap of few words until you get him going.  While standing there I noticed all our so-called “powers that be” in our City heading upstairs for some sort of meeting that must’ve started at 3:30 pm.

It must’ve had something to do with our River City Renaissance project because I recognized those two Haupt Frauen from Music Man Square, as well as Robin Anderson who’s the muscle lady of our Chamber of Commerce.  I continue to hope and pray they all know what they’re doing when promoting the long-term good for the general population of our City.

I may sound like I’m bashing, but I’m not when saying I’ve found that too many times, people in power do not use enough foresight when making decisions involving long term plans which could possibly affect our prosperity along with each and every property owner’s tax bill.  There are some who’ve got to be reminded that money does not grow on trees in Mason City or in our great State of Iowa.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things.

Joe Chodur

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