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Oh Mercy!  This has been quite the cold and windy day for a turnout of voters in North Iowa.  Since I attempt to do my duty and vote every time the elections roll around, I hopped in my car around 7:30 am and drove out to one of the voting stations.  After pulling up and walking in, I was surprised to find so few voters. Of course one of the monitors who is always in attendance walked over to me with a welcome smile. We had a good chat about the old days and how much things have changed in our district.  I couldn’t help but tease him when recalling the times when he was a little tyke running around the neighborhood.  It’s always good to have a chat with old familiars who’ve walked similar paths.

Since I’d already made up my mind who I was going to vote for, I was in and out of my booth sooner than those who’d arrived before me.  I’ve always thought it odd when seeing people spending so much time in their voting cubicles.  One would think they’d already sorted out their feelings for the candidates days and weeks before.  I’m hoping people aren’t waiting until the day of the elections to make up their minds.  For some of those on the ballot, my mind was made up long before seeing their yard signs out and about.  Some of them must’ve believed their core characters not being a part of their worthiness to be elected.

Someone said to me today, “I just wish so many of the candidates would stop telling everyone what’s wrong with their opponents, and start sharing with us what they’re going to do for the general public.”  Yes, it’s too much the same old song with many of them, and that’s likely why there’s so much voter apathy in these times.  I can’t help but feel the same way whenever seeing a changing of the guards, and then soon after finding their replacements oft times just as bad and even worse.  I couldn’t help but mention to someone today what was said to me years ago which stuck with me, and that was, “Better the devil you known than the one you don’t.”  Now on the brighter side, I’d say there are a few on our National level that are on their way to becoming shining stars.

Early this morning, I received a drastic price reduction on 24 – 11th St. NE.  It’s now down to $19,500.00   Now if that’s not a great buy, I don’t know what is.  Yes it’s in need a great deal of tender loving care, but that home has very good bones because I distinctly remember what it looked like many years ago.  Aside from needing a new furnace and an update in plumbing, there rest of it’s just clean-ups and fix-ups.  For sure I’d get the furnace and plumbing squared away, and then I’d start tackling the rest of it on a room by room basis.  There has to be at least one industrious buyer with vision left in our City who’d be willing to turn it back into a showplace.  There’s no question it would make a great winter project.  Let’s start forgetting about going to the gyms and begin putting our minds and bodies to work at something that’ll endure for years to come.  Now wouldn’t any of you like to say to someone years from now, “I brought this home back to life.”

Later this afternoon, I also received a price reduction on 305 W. North in Manly.  Now that’s a home which is definitely ready for a family.  It’s now priced at $116,500 which places it below it’s current assessed value.  The kitchen/dining area is definitely noteworthy because it offers great views of the rear yard.  The owner has made all the major  improvements, so whatever’s left is nothing but cosmetics which are usually the fun projects after moving into a new home.  There’s a little “cottage” out back that I’d turn into a workshop or studio.  The possibilities with that home are limitless.  Now don’t forget, Worth County is offering their $6K+  grant to graduating high schoolers who want to continue on with their education.  Just so you know, that’s money being offered on a yearly basis from Diamond Jo’s Casino.

Another price reduction which will be coming in tomorrow, is on 146 – 12th St. NW, and that’ll be dropping to $44,500.  Now where can you find a solid 3 bedroom home for that price across from a park in Mason City.  All the mechanicals are up to speed, but unfortunately it’s another victim of all the more first-time buyers turning away from homes that only need cosmetics.  I was reminded today by the seller that it’s fully insulated to where the heating and cooling costs are markedly lower than most.  When that reduction comes in, I’ll be calling a young couple who’ve been looking for something in that price range.  I know I’m going to have a slippery up-hill battle with them, but it’ll be worth it for both them and myself.  The home has been family-owned for a number of years, and I’m sure anything that was in need of updating or repair, was never left un-addressed.

One of the noticeable positives that’ll begin after our elections are over, will be the beginning of the end of all these vexatious dialogs we’ve been hearing from our politicians.  As I mentioned before, this year has been one of the worst in our area with the smearings of such nasty accusations.  I’m sure if it’s happening in our Berg, it’s taking place in localities all across our Nation.  I mentioned to a dear one today, “There’s been little if any decorum maintained from the time this election process started which makes be wonder where and when in the “yell” it’s all going to end.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  People of real character would be ashamed should their deeds not match their words.

As a footnote to the above one-liner, I’m convinced our young families MUST work all the harder at teaching them the true definition of character.  Public school teachers are secondary because parents have ALWAYS been their first teachers.

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