Off-Worldly Things

For the first time since the cold arrived, I found myself digging out my winter coat.  Oh Mercy, it was really biting this morning!  It wouldn’t have been so bad if the wind wasn’t blowing, and when out and about in it today, I was certainly glad I did decide to dig it out.

After arriving at my office, I checked to see who won and who didn’t in our elections.  It didn’t surprise me the Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives.  In our local elections, there were those I considered it a given they’d win, while others came to me as a surprise they didn’t.

I mentioned to one of my clients today how some of the below-the-belt tactics used by some of our politicians, will long be remembered by the general public, and hopefully karma will be waiting for them then next time around.  I’m not mentioning names, but there’s no question in my mind there are some well-poisoners that MUST go.

I was a bit sad Beto O’Rourke didn’t get elected in Texas.  I listened to several of his speeches and was quite moved by his sincerity.  What really impressed me about him was his willingness to get out and visit each and every one of the 254 counties in Texas, along with having a bi-partisan attitude towards creating good governance.  Oh, if we only had more politicians like him.

It may frighten you when looking at the voting records of our State’s so-called seasoned politicians and finding their voting records always following their party’s lines.  Now how much more mind-less can an elected official be?  You might as well elect a robot and have it seated in our Statehouse and programmed to push its partisan “aye” or “nay” button each time a vote from the floor is called.

Several days ago someone mentioned how alt-right conservative the Republicans are versus how liberal the Democrats can be.  I finally had to say, “Excuse me?  Have you forgotten that in decades past, the Southern Democrats were the most conservative force to be reckoned with whenever general elections rolled around–especially the presidential ones?  I clearly remember when years ago the Deep South was considered the “king makers” or “king breakers”.  Yes, times have changed along with the political color of our conservatives.

Part of my morning was spent about town in search of a few items needed to help a home show all the better.  Thank goodness I found what I needed and able to get that little chore finished.  While out, I ran into a gentleman whom I’d worked with a very many years ago, and the first thing I said when seeing him was, “Have you lost your razor?”  He laughed and said, “Oh, I’ve just been a little lazy these past couple of mornings.”  I shook my finger at him and said, “Don’t you think it’s all the more important that as we get older, to work even harder at looking our best when out in public?”  Since he’s always been lifted up by my harmless teasing, I believe I managed to brightened his morning.  Every time I see him, it makes me sad when thinking about how so many people in his life created very serious financial issues for him, and only because he’s always been far too trusting of others.  My sadness regarding him is that I’m near certain he’ll never be able to understand that there are growing numbers of people in our world who want to do nothing more than take all they can from another, and then walk away laughing about how they’ve duped all the more trusting innocent people.

Because of an unfortunate situation his landlord put him in, he ended up purchasing it, and as far as I’m concerned, he paid way too much for it.  Months later, he came to me and admitted he’d made another mistake, and again reminded how stress can make people say and do some really bad things which usually always come back to haunt them at various points in the future.

Late this afternoon I had a soft-landing closing with two of the nicest people.  We looked at a number of homes before they found the one they wanted, which enabled me to know then all the better.  The funniest thing happened just before we were finished when the buyer so matter-of-factly asked the seller, “Now tell me the truth.  Have you ever had any off-worldly things happen in your house while living there?”  There were a few seconds of dead silence along with a little blushing before the seller finally answered, “No, not at all, and for your information, my grandparents lived there before I bought it.”  I can say that was the first time I’d ever heard a buyer asking a seller a question like while seated at the table of home sale closing.  Oh well, at least she got the answer she wanted.

I heard jut today we’re supposed to get two to four inches of snow starting tomorrow night.  I hope the forecasters are completely wrong because we don’t deserve that stuff this early, and especially considering what we’ve had to endure already this year.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.

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