Very Sad Lady

With Halloween approaching, I’d say our early morning fog was more than creepy-cool.  While on my way to work, I felt as though I was driving onto the set of “Dark Shadows” or “The Hauntings” which back in my youthful days were exceptionally frightening, but in these jaded times, I’d say many of our young would’ve considered it to be just another foggy morning.  There’s no question the bars of our society’s fear/fright levels have risen to the point where even “Saw” is now a silly old scare.  Believe it or not, a number years ago a teenager insisted I watch “Saw” because it was supposed to be really good.  I made the mistake of watching not even half of it, and then had to stop because of how gruesome it was.  Never again!  Even after watching the movie “Fargo” left me far too unsettled to where I asked myself after it finished, “Why do you bother watching such un-nerving tripe?”.

Most of my morning was spent picking up several pieces of furniture I purchased last week which I needed like I need a hole in my head.  When thinking about it, I’d say it’s been a number of years since I’ve purchased any furniture to speak of other than a trunk several months ago which will be used in my office as nothing more than a conversation piece.  I was much relieved when finding I managed to get them out of the owner’s home and placed where wanted without any noticeable damage.

After this morning’s little move, I’d say professional movers are worth every penny they’re paid considering the amount of work that goes into getting big pieces of furniture transplanted without any scratches or breaks.  Every time I see people moving furniture in pickup trucks with no tie-downs or heavy cloth coverings, I can only imagine how much damage has been done to their furniture, the floors and woodwork of the homes they’re moving out of, along with the floors and woodwork of the homes they’re moving into.  Oh well, perhaps in our throw away world,  it gives them all the more cause to go out and buy more throw away furniture.

My public open house at 434 – 23rd St. SW went relatively well considering I didn’t have anyone show up until 45 minutes had passed since my arrival.  There were some good comments and more than passing interest.  Nearly all of them were surprised how much bigger it actually is than what was appearing from the street.  I told all of them it’s because the home is deeper than normal, along with the kitchen being situated behind the home’s attached garage.  There was one individual who seemed interested, but was asking me a few quirky questions which I normally don’t get asked by the average buyer.  One noticeable thing, was that as soon as the sun came out, there were people coming and going.   I’ve learned long ago that weather does affect open houses, but nearly never so visible as today.

Since I didn’t have appointments after my public open house, I decided to drive to one of my favorite churches and attend their Service.  While on my way, I realized it had been a number of weeks since I darkened the doors of “my favorite”, which was mainly due to one of their clergy having given a scathing sermon one Saturday afternoon which I considered far too radical and totally un-called for when speaking to a crowd of various ages including crying youngsters.  At that time, when hearing all the more children crying during his sermon, I figured they somehow “knew” his words were not being delivered from above.

Thank goodness today’s religious experience was much more fulfilling, but I did notice far too many pews empty than there were whenever in past attendance. Unfortunately, those I noticed missing today, were young parents with children.  I hope and pray that the harangue I heard many weeks ago didn’t sour the minds of those delightful young families, and now to think so many of us wonder why our mainline communities of faith are loosing members.  I fully understand the reasons why religious dogma is necessary, but to have someone serving it up with fire and brimstone words, isn’t what I’d consider being words coming from the shepherds of our faithful.   We must never forget just one of the lines from our Gospels that reminds us, “Let he who is above sin cast the first stone.”

On my way back, I decided to stop at Clear Lake since we’re now past their tourist season.  I looked around for something to take a photo of so to share tonight.  With our sun quickly falling, I snapped the above photo of the “Lady of the Lake”, because when seeing her docked and empty of party-goers, I’d say she looks a bit like a very sad lady.

Tonight’s one-liner is:   The weak can never forgive, because forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

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