Fall Hatchlings

Let’s hope this rain doesn’t continue on into the weekend because like many of the rest of us, I have things I need to get done outdoors.  At least I wasn’t as chilled today as yesterday, which is giving me hope I’m finally getting adjusted to this cold.  I couldn’t believe seeing several boys climbing onto a school bus with shorts on this morning.  Looks like our public schools’ dress codes are out the window when seeing such clothing being allowed in classrooms.

Early this morning I went over to meet a hardwood flooring specialist at 321 S. Carolina who’s just getting started with the re-finishing of its living room and hallway floors.  I can’t wait to see them when finished because he does do a very nice job, and certainly doesn’t charge as much as I’ve seen others being billed for similar work.  As I’ve noticed these past years, there are far too many contractors who’re charging more than I’d consider fair and equitable, and believe me, it’s happening in nearly every profession.

I did stick around a bit just to have a chat about two people we’ve both known for a number of years.  It’s always good to reminisce over past relationships whenever they conjure up the fondest of memories.  Since he’s spoken to them since I sold their home, I was glad to hear they’re doing very well in their new digs out in Southern California.  I’ll never forget the day we had our final chat before they drove away from the closing of their sale.

It was a bittersweet parting because I knew I’d miss them, but also knowing it was time for them to move on and out to California so to be close to their aging parents.  From what I heard today, they’re all doing just fine and well-adjusted to living in a suburb of San Diego.  I told that gentleman today to give them my regards the next time he talks to them, and to be sure and ask them to send a great big warm box of sunshine back to me this winter.

My late morning appointment took me to Manly where I had an appointment to show 115 W. North which was just yesterday radically reduced to $15,000.  The buyer and family were there longer than normal, and I could tell there was a great interest in it, and of course who wouldn’t be at that price?  Before leaving I couldn’t help but mention that you can’t even buy a good used car for what they’re asking for it.

About a half hour after I returned to my office, I received a call from the buyer saying she wanted to buy it.  I made a mid-afternoon appointment with her, and before 5:00 pm arrived, that home was under contract.  I smiled while saying, “You’ve just created your own retirement account with built-in equity.”  There’s no question she’ll do a great job with the improvements she has planned.

Later , I was on my soapbox again how it makes me crazy at times whenever seeing first-time buyers purchasing homes that should be their seconds, but because many don’t have the desire to investigate what improvements can be done with many of these bargain homes we have scattered around North Iowa, unfortunately a good number of them end up in the portfolios of rental barons.  I blame most of such mentalities on the internet where everything is already there–there’s no opportunity to self-start the creativity of the human brain.  You have no idea how hard it is at times to get buyers and sometimes sellers to “envision”.  But again, it’s all because everything’s already there on the internet.

You’re now going to think me wicked when sharing my thoughts about two entities we have stationed out on the west side of our City.  While driving down Eisenhower Avenue today, I couldn’t help but get a good look at Francis Lauer Center and Prairie Ridge.  Now please tell me why so much money was spent on those two campuses?  They both appear to be the corporate headquarters of Fortune 500 companies.  You do know we the taxpayers are getting double-dinged with such build-outs because it took taxpayers’ money to build them, but most don’t realize they’re not paying any property taxes.  So now tell me who’s left to carry the burden?  As always, it has to be we the taxpayers.

If you’d make some comparisons with our State or National treatment facilities with other prosperous countries, you’d be sure to find stark differences.  There’s absolutely no reason for us to have such vivid examples of willful waste of money belonging to struggling taxpayers.

The above photo is one I took of a nest of baby pigeons.  Aren’t they so cute?  I kept thinking to myself, “Isn’t it a bit late for Fall hatchlings?”  I’m in hopes their bodies will be working all the harder to get their insulating feathers grown.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  No change of circumstances can repair a defect of character.

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