In Our Unreasonable Times

Later this morning I heard stories of cars that ended up in the ditch overnight. I’ll never understand why some people drive as if our sun shines 24/7 and the pavements being ever-dry.  They’re not just a danger to themselves, but all the more to others.  I also heard that some crazy devil was driving down the middle of a snow covered street before dawn and nearly hit someone head-on, and had the other driver not gone off the road, it would’ve been a certain collision.   Of course my greatest peeve while on the road, is when seeing someone driving with one hand while holding their cell phone in the other.  Such craziness!

In spite of the snowstorm, I happened to receive quite a number of phone calls today regarding homes for sale.  It looks like the buyers are gearing up for this year’s home purchases.  With so many of my listings being under contract, I’m likely gonna have to start beating the bushes for new ones.  I’ve visited with several sellers recently who’re preparing their homes for sale, so hopefully theirs will soon be coming on board.

One of my conversations today was with a dear client whom I’ve known for a number of years.  It’s always a joy speaking with him because he has a way of adding more depth and perspective to whatever we happen to be talking about.

Today’s subject was about how a few people we personally know, do everything they can to cozy-up to others simply to gather as much information on them as possible, and later attempt to use it as leverages of sorts for their own self-interests.  I made him laugh when speaking about one particular “gent” who tries to woo people by saying and doing such things that most wouldn’t consider carrying on in such a fashion behind closed doors and shuttered windows.  I went on to say, “People like him are beyond vulgar, but far more akin to being a classic example of one in possession of really bad taste.”

Any time someone speaks of bad taste, one of Oscar Wilde’s quotes comes to mind which is, “There is no such thing as a moral or immoral book.  Books are either well written or badly written.”  Of course I substitute those “books” with humankind.

During my lunch break today, I picked up this week’s Time magazine and read an article about one of our State’s great writers, Marilynne Robinson.  After reading those three pages, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Why haven’t you read anything she’s written?”  Irregardless of the reasons, I’ll have to order one and give it a good read.  The author of that article portrayed Marilynne as an exceptionally caring person who’s able to dig all the deeper below those “given” truths we were all indoctrinated with during our formative years.  Once I’ve finished reading whichever one I decide to order, I’ll have to let you know what I think of it.   The author of the interview believes Marilynne Robinson promotes reason in our unreasonable times.

To my delight, I discovered a flock of Robins in a tree across the street from my office.  I grabbed my camera and when outside to snap one for tonight’s article.  Nearly all of them flew off to a taller tree, but did manage to get a shot of those still perched.  I also noticed a flock of geese high above that were bucking today’s strong north wind while on their way to their nesting grounds.  It looks like Spring is just around the corner.

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