Streaking North

As I suspected, today’s cold snap put a damper on the real estate calls coming in, so instead, I simply found other tasks to keep myself busy.  Today’s job was to get my office’s monthly accounting completed.  Thank goodness everything balanced out without having to go digging for an error or two.

I also spent several hours doing some research on an out-of-town property that may be coming up for sale.  Whenever being given the job of establishing a value on properties not located in Mason City, I do all the more investigating of sales that likely took place without any assistance from a Realtor.  As we all know, small towns are where people are more connected, and whenever someone talks about selling, it’s usually known by all before the next morning’s sun, so if there’s someone already living there who’s interested in it, the deal is usually done before a real estate agent is called to get involved.

Just now, while writing about such happenings, I’d begun to remember all those many homes in small towns that I’d been called to sell because they’d had found other bigger, newer, and better homes within their communities which they’d purchased directly from the owners.  You can rest assured they’d offered their homes privately to other residents before I was called, so I was subsequently left to market their homes to prospective buyers looking to move into their communities.  It’s just the nature of our business when marketing homes in small towns.

I received a call today from a well known who was eager to relay to me a conversation he had earlier with a causal friend who’s closely tied to the medical field.  It didn’t surprise me when he told me that a mutual friend of theirs was pretty much “curb-side” diagnosed as having Asperger syndrome.  Since I’d only been around that person maybe three or four brief times in my life, and then quickly doing my own research after he hung up, I’d say his mutual friend pretty much hit the nail on the head with his medical judgement call.

I’ve actually been around one particular professional enough while doing business here in Mason City whom I’m convinced also suffers from it, to where I can recognize those symptoms with others.  The one that lives here personally creeps me out because most people like him suffering from it, haven’t got the ability to feel empathy–everything is all about them because “Asperger” has convinced them that they’re the center of their own mini universes.  It’s really beyond selfishness because they’re almost robotic when it comes to their interactions with other humans.

I did read today that some suffering from it are mis-diagnosed as having autism.  I don’t know if I’ve been blessed, or cursed, but I’ve crossed paths, as well as interacted with those having Asperger’s enough to where it doesn’t take me long to recognize their symptoms.  What annoys me the most about them is their closed-mindedness.  Whenever I’ve attempted to relay a given thought or idea that doesn’t fit their beliefs, they either supply weak reasonings, or simply dismiss me as a know-nothing and walk away.  They’re also overly regimented to the point of appearing automatonic.

The medical community falls short of saying for absolute sure it’s hereditary, but I’ve been informed that the bloodline of a family living here in North Iowa has a number of them suffering from it, and I know one of them well enough.  The creepiest about that phone call today, was that it wasn’t but a week ago when I crossed paths with that “one”, but couldn’t remember the name of the syndrome.  I’m sure after today, I’ll not forget Asperger syndrome.

The above photo is of a jet I caught streaking north.  There seems to be all the more jets flying over than normally, or perhaps I’m just noticing them the more.

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