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SEA_5735This month has certainly re-affirmed the nickname Mason City was given a number of years ago by being, “The Windy City of the North”. Seems there hasn’t been a day it hasn’t been blowing.

My morning took me over to Clear Lake again on an errand, so on my way back, I stopped Downtown at Cabin Coffee and grabbed a take-away cup of their run-of-the-mill. I’m still not into “designer” coffee because it’s either too strong, or masked with other flavors. I guess I’m a little old fashioned where if I’m thirsting for cup of coffee, I want it to taste like coffee–not a hot desert that’s been loaded up with sugars and fats.

Just as I was finishing up on preparing myself for today’s public open house at 1415 – 9th St. SE, a client of mine whom I’ve been negotiating on the purchase of some appliances he’s decided to sell, text me saying he’d sell them and be delivering them in about 20 minutes. I had to race and make room for them along with reminding him he’d have to hurry so I don’t make myself late for my open house.

He made it on time and with my help, we got them off his truck and into storage. I handed him his check, we visited a little bit, and just before he climbed back into his truck I said, “Are you ready for another one of my dark jokes?” He rolled his eyes and said, “Sure. Why not?” With a newscaster’s voice I announced, “It’s interesting how different nations have their dogs make different sounds. An American dog goes “Woof Woof”, a Czech dog goes “Haf Haf”, a Dutch dog goes, “Blaf Blaf”, and a Chinese dog goes “Sizzle Sizzle”‘ Yup, I got a good laugh out of him and his helper. I’m confident he’ll remember it and share because he really does NOT like dogs of any kind. His two cats are quite the characters–especially the younger one. He takes better care of them than most people do their children.

My public open house was a far greater success than I’d imagined. There were people coming and going the entire time I was there. I made sure to bring my trusty broom with me after having noticed leaves on its front stoop while placing my tent sign out front early this morning. It was a good thing I did, because the other Realtors that showed it most recently had even tracked them into the house. At least I got everything swept out and ready before the first group of lookers arrived.

Just as I was getting into my car and go out to place those signs this morning, I noticed three huge crows at the back of the building next to mine. It looked like they were hurriedly eating something, so curious me got back out of my car and walked over as they flew up and perched themselves on a parapet while greedily staring down at me. I walked over and got a good look at what they were eating. Now tell me, what’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen three crows eat? I won’t say exactly what it was, but you can certainly draw your own conclusions. Let’s say there was someone at the bar down the street last night that must’ve loaded up on pizza and giggle water, and likely had too much of both, because that pile of this morning’s “crow food” looked like it came from a big boy’s stomach.

Feeling a bit wicked-ish, I went back into my office and grabbed my camera so to get a photo if those crows should be back down gorging on that chunky, greasy, sticky, and slimy pile of upchuck. Sure enough they were back with yet another one of their friends having arrived. The larger of them were getting the bigger chunks, while the smaller had to suffer their their “pecking order” turn. Since crows are very clever creatures, three of them flew back up on their perches, while leaving one of the smaller, free to eat its fill. The above photo is of that little dirtie birdie helping itself to some poor devil’s gastrointestinal mis-fortune last evening. When I arrived back at my office after my open house, I walked over to that late night scene of pain, and wouldn’t you know it, the entire area had been cleared of any and all evidence. Now that’s what I call a crow’s drive to eat every available morsel and drop.

While on their early morning scout, I’m sure they were delighted to discover that meat was once again back on their menu.

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