The Groaning Of Creation

More snow this morning, and then misty rain this afternoon that’s about a degree from being sleet. If I had to pick between sleet and snow, it would be hands-down for snow. Of course only the older ones can say that it was a rarity in decades past, to have sleet on a regular basis in the dead of winter. Once again, I’m definitely in belief that we’re on a fast-tack towards some major changes with our weather patterns, which should be sounding some loud alarms over our entire planet. The rapid warming of the arctic regions is the most troubling.

Fortunately the parking lot at the back of my office wasn’t so dangerous this morning, which allowed me to park back there without being fearful of taking a spill. I did have some shoveling to do both at the front and back, which I got cleared away early enough to where there weren’t that many footprints in the snow to scrape off. Oh how I hate those pavers our overly-bright City decided to have laid for the second time since they were installed about 10 or more years ago. Those things belong where there’s no snow or ice to deal with for months on end. Oh well, they’re all far more forward-thinking than we are, or so they believe.

When reading the news this morning regarding the fight that’s been taking place within our House of Representatives, and then catching up on it late this afternoon, I’d say this whole election process of 2022, has been one resembling a carnival act. I suspected Kevin McCarthy wasn’t going to get the number of votes he needed in the first round, but now after six cycles of voting, there appears to be little or no movement towards gaining the votes he’s needing. To think this is the first time in a 100 years that something like this has happened. Yes, there’s be a great deal of history-making in this election. Oh, and the guy from New York who told bald-faced lies about his past, and even to the extent of saying he had an Ashkenazi Jewish bloodline on his mother’s side. It reminds me of that real-life guy who pretended to be an commercial airline pilot, and got away with it for an embarrassingly long time.

Someone asked me today if there’s a drop-dead time for the Speaker of the House to be named, and after thinking about it for a moment, I actually don’t think there is, unless there’s some obscure rule or law on the books that’ve been long forgotten. The only way I can see it ending, would be a handful of moderate-leaning Republicans who finally decide enough is enough, and cross over the aisle and vote for the Democrat nominee. Just by doing the math, I don’t think it would take anymore than five or six of them. I’m now wondering what Ashley Hinson’s got going on in her mind right now. Yes, it’s all very much a carnival act fully-lacking decorum, which is exceptionally regrettable.

I had enough on my plate today to keep me busied with desk work, client calls, emails, accounting, year-end junk and several trips to the bank. While out, I made a call and then a quick trip out to Affordable’s to visit with the manager about picking up some household furniture next week. I fully understood the concern regarding the moving of it, so I assured her it would all be readied for their workers to simply walk into a room and carry it out, which after thinking about it, will be best for everyone involved, because I’ve seen how sloppy movers can damage door frames and plaster walls which oft times, is hard to repair. Before I left, I took a quick look-round at the items they had for sale, and as I was driving off, I came to believe the furniture they’ll have in their possession next week, will be quickly sold.

Since I was in the re-gifting mode, I took a large sack of vintage baby clothes and toddler-wear over to the Affordable’s in our Downtown. For sure if they present them correctly, they’ll be quickly sold as well, and especially the full christening outfit that was completely intact which I’m sure had to be close to 100 years old. I know there are vintage clothing collectors in our City, so they’ll have fun with those items. A number of years ago, I found them in a bag laid-out for garbage at one of my listings, so at least they didn’t end up in the landfill. To this day, I have no idea why I held onto them so long because I had no familial connection to them, other than marveling at the delicate stitching and knitting. There were definitely some master clothes makers back then, which is now nearly a lost art.

I’d forgotten until today, to share some examples of the intentions that are read over at St. Paul Lutheran, and even though they change them from week to week, they’re all very well written and thought-provoking. The following are those from this past Sunday: God of life, you promise good news of great joy for all people, and call us to be messengers of your peace. We confess that too often we hoard our joy, our resources, and our security. We nurture conflict and build barriers. We neglect the needs of our neighbors and ignore the groaning of creation. Where we are self-centered, open our hearts. Where we are reluctant, give us courage. Where we are cynical, restore our trust. Renew us with your grace and give us again the hope of eternal life in you.

What I find most moving in those words, is how they relate to our troubling times where so many believe they’re islands unto themselves, and to hell with everybody else. Many times I’ve said how dangerous it will be for all of us if we don’t stop thinking of ourselves, and start focusing on realizing that if we don’t take on, all-inclusive and community-minded spirits, then we’re all going to perish, and only because there’s no one who can be-all and fix-all because it’s too big. Someone wrote in a stinging letter to me some years ago saying, “Charity always begins at home.”, which I recognized as that corny old line used whenever a family member was in a state of want, instead of need.

Tonight’s One-liner is: True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense.

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