Eaten The Equivalent Of Two Plastic Bags

With the additional snow we had late yesterday and over the night, created another go at shoveling this morning, and by the looks if it, we should be free-sailing for a number of days. I did read several days ago where we’re supposed to have above average temps for the rest of January. That would be just fine by me considering how much worrying I did during those hellaciously cold days before Christmas arrived. In that same article, they mentioned how much warmer this winter has been in Northern Europe where they’re likely breaking records this winter like they did last summer. Pretty scary if you ask me.

I’d say I was out of the office more than I was in, and only because I had to do some much-needed shopping out at Staples and T.J. Max. Unfortunately, T.J. Max didn’t open until a half hour later, so I drove over to Target to kill some time. Truth be told, I’d say I haven’t darkened the doors of that store for at least three years or more. One thing I have to give them credit for, is the way in which they have their produce section on display to where everything isn’t so jam-packed like in all the others. I did end up buying a few things, but all in all, I’d say their prices are noticeably higher than my regular haunts. I’m not at all putting them down, because they do have good products and displays, and since Target’s on the north side of the highway, I’m near-certain many people who’re working here, but live in Clear Lake, Ventura or Garner, are likely stopping at their groceteria to buy their food items before heading home. There are two business people I know who live west of our City, and both of them have told me that Target is the only place they purchase their groceries. When thinking about it, that makes perfect sense to me.

After digging thru all the shelves and racks at T. J. Max, I finally found what I was looking for, and when seeing there were only two left, I purchased both of them, and only because they have a bad habit of changing brand names, and since I like the brand I buy, I figured the first one would wear out more sooner than later, and still have the second on hand. I did notice there are people buying carts-full of clothing out there. They used to sell a selection of men’s dress shirts and slacks, but no more. As far as I’m concerned, everything is becoming too casual in the business world. The clerk mentioned how much she liked my tie, and my wicked response was, “Thank you, but I’m starting to feel like I’m the last lone-wolf wearing one.”

When I got back to office, I spent a good two hours updating my new yearly appointment book, along with preparing real estate accounting files for the coming months. Thank goodness I created several computer-filed templates which I can tweak for the current year and send to print.

Speaking of templates, I happened to get into a heated debate several years ago with a professional who’s highly regarded in his field, and it all started when I said, “Most think you’re burning the midnight oil with all the various projects given you, but I’m nearly certain, you’ve long-ago created templates that would match-up with whatever task you’re given.” Ouch! He didn’t like it very much, but he did have to admit I was more right than wrong. A seasoned instructor’s curriculum is nothing more than a template as well, and your’s truly can vouch for it because way back when I was teaching real estate classes for NIACC’s Adult Education Department, it didn’t take me long to create my own which I would only have to make minor adjustments to each year.

Expanding on this subject even farther, I’ll wager ninety percent or more of all those who’re in the pews of meritocracy, are working from templates they’ve created, which of course frees up more time for them, so with that said, “What are they filling up all their free hours of time with?” Of course with our computers becoming more sophisticated and user-friendly, along with all the hundreds of thousands of apps and programs available, there’s even more free time while still on the clock. Yes, we’re living in a world filled to the brim with templates, so it’s time to start making ourselves all the more aware of them.

After getting all my real estate work completed, I ran over to St. Paul Lutheran to pick up a hymn which I didn’t have in my growing file, and since I was already there, I figured I might as well run thru it on the organ. My goodness, I had no idea why I was fretting over that one, because for whatever reason, it was a piece of cake after I’d played thru it several times, and after I’d reached my comfort level, I decided to play one of my favorites while I had with me which is called “Be Thou My Vision”. It happens to be an exceptionally old Irish song which has been around before the Christians arrived, and since it’s such a moving piece, they likely changed the lyrics on it and ran with it.

I forgot to mention having read an informative article around Christmastime which had me shocked, and the thrust of it was all about the micro-plastics we’re ingesting on a daily basis, especially if you’re drinking that disgusting bottled water. Did you know that many of the veggies, fruits and meats we consume, most likely contain micro-plastics which were absorbed by the fruits and veggies, and the meats via grazing? They did a study and found that if a person’s evening meal is pre-made and plastic wrapped, that unknowing soul would’ve eaten the equivalent of two plastic bags a year. What was even worse, was being informed that if say your Thanksgiving meal was created from plastic-wrapped foods, that meal would contain 230K particles of micro-plastics versus 55K if the ingredients we not wrapped in plastic. They also claimed our infants consume 15K times more micro-plastics than adults, and to top it all off, 17 out of 22 people tested, had micro-plastics in their blood samples. The scariest part of it, is the fact that they’re just now starting research on the long-term effects from the micro-plastics we already have in our systems. Truth be told, I’ve always hated plastic.

Tonight’s One-liner is: May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings.

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