While We’re Preparing To Usher In 2023

It was a bit nippier than I was expecting this morning, and glad I was wearing heavy enough clothing to keep me warm. The air was very damp and while outdoors for a few moments, I could swear there was a fine mist in the air. Thank goodness the sun did break thru the clouds for a short time this afternoon, and only to bring us a few smiles.

The first thing I had to do this morning, was to call a friend of mine and tell him he was wrong about something he nearly insisted was right, and of course whenever I’m nearly certain I’m correct about something, I go digging to find the answer, which is exactly what I did. Once I found it, I was almost ready to take a photo of it and send to him, but then I was pretty sure he believed me because I also gave him my source. While on the phone, I did wish him a healthy and prosperous year ahead.

With my morning being free, I changed into my work clothes and headed back over to my paying it forward cleaning project. Of course the last rooms which were the kitchen and back entry, and those being the dirtiest, with the exception of my deep cleaning of that filthy bathroom yesterday. After getting that mess cleaned up, my thoughts took me back to my old ones who used to talk about men who couldn’t aim straight when insisting, “If you spray, you must sit like we do.”, which makes perfect sense because who likes wiping up build-ups of male urine off floors and walls.

Many years ago when I used to have guests for the holidays, and the moment a certain male would leave, I’d be in my bathroom with soap and water, cleaning up the puddles of urine on the floor, as well as the spraying he’d done on the wall next to my toilet. Since we weren’t blood relatives, I’d sometimes have thoughts that he did it on purpose, just because he could. In spite of what most believe, there are old men and women who can be just as mean-spirited as the younger ones. To this day, I think the reason he didn’t care for me, was because I would at times challenge some of the silly ideas he had. I’ll never forget him insisting his wife’s back problems was caused by varicose veins, which couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Yes, statements like that were enough to send me into an orbit.

The cleaning of that kitchen took longer than I was expecting, and only because I had to take every shelf out of the refrigerator and freezer above, and only because the previous tenants had spilled liquids that seeped and then dried in nearly every crack and corner. My next attack was on the stovetop and oven, which also had me bristling because of the grease splats and boil-overs which had to be softened and then removed. When cleaning the oven, I managed to cut three of my fingers on those very sharp metal prongs that keep the electric element from touching the bottom of the oven. I was bleeding like a stuck piggy for a while until if finally stopped. No matter how careful I was, I still got nailed by them. They had to be factory defects because I can’t imagine a stove manufacturer placing something that razor-sharp in an oven. When looking at my hands, the first thing I thought of was, “Am I going to be able to play the organ tomorrow morning?”

After seven grueling hours of working on those two rooms, I finally got it finished, and after I put all my cleaning supplies in my vehicle, I walked back into the unit to give it my final looking-over. Before walking out I said to myself, “Yeah, I could live here now.” When the new tenant coming from out of State does his final walk-thru this coming Monday, I’m sure he’ll be more than pleased. Thank goodness I got it finished-up in time.

The positive thing about spending so very many hours alone while working in that unit, it gave me precious time to think about the things that have taken place this year, and some of them in my own world, being near-earth shattering, which is why I kicked-in my mental routine of properly placing past events into perspective, because no matter what anyone thinks, we can’t change the past, which is why we must arrange those event in our minds, in an order which will not affect the way in which we move forward with our futures. There are two or three of those perpetrators who’ll some day be filled with life-long regrets which may possibly be their downfall. Like my very dear friend continues to say, “It’s all on them, and certainly not you.” Sic transit gloria mundi.

Just after I arrived back at office, I received a phone call from an exiting tenant who’d just moved out of a unit belonging to a client of mine. I told him to call me as soon as he had everything out so I could do my final inspection. When I got there, he was patiently waiting with a smile on his face, and likely because he’d done what I asked by cleaning it nearly to the point it was when he moved into it over a year ago. The only things I found, was the refrigerator needing a better cleaning, along with the kitchen cabinet shelves and drawers deserving a good wiping out. Thank goodness he followed thru on his promise. I actually figured he would because he comes from a very particular family who’re a bit fanatical about keeping their living quarters clean. He’s moving far out of State, so he’s going to be driving a good ten hours in the dark. As much as I encouraged him to stay with one of his friends tonight, I don’t believe he took my advise. I sure hope he makes it there without any issues.

While we’re preparing to usher in 2023, let’s spend a few moments reflecting on all the positive things that have happened in our lives during 2022, and only because most tend to think about the failures of ourselves, as well as others. Just remember how thankful we are to be living safely in one of Iowa’s last outposts, and not wondering if we’ll be alive tomorrow, like the Ukrainians and all those others who’re under the yokes of totalitarian regimes where one day you living your life, and the next you’re in prison.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Righteous principles are always followed by virtuous actions.

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