Sounds Like A Cash Cow

The temps weren’t as high as they were yesterday, but at least we did have a few rays of sunshine which made it feel warmer. I’m still not completely over those terribly bitter days we had last week which had me nearly off the charts with worry over pipes freezing and furnaces going out.

My morning was filled with drop-ins and emails which had to be sent out, along with making a few real estate calls. Not paying much of any attention to the clock those hours, I was quite surprised to find it nearing Noon, so off I headed to Wendy’s to pick up a warming cup of their chili which I took back to office and doctored-up before eating. Since I never like the crackers they supply, I try to have a small box of Triscuit crackers on hand as their replacements. I used to always buy their rye with caraway seed, but for some reason, the stores aren’t carrying them any longer. They now have so darned many different flavors which look too scary to try, which forces me to keep me running with their standard.

While visiting with one of my drop-ins, we ended up on the subject of how so many of our local churches have noticeably fewer regulars, which I find very troubling, because it’s telling us that going to church and mingling with familiars, is being pushed out the door, and in its place, we’re finding more who’re filling their normal Sunday morning hours with things they’ve now considered more important, and you can be sure it’s all about stuff that have nothing to do with spiritual self-fulfillment. As some of my old ones used to say, “If we don’t have faith, we have nothing.” I’d sure like to know what all our young families are doing every Sunday morning, because there are very few of them in church. Just this morning, my dear friend mentioned something about God’s now allowing evil to grow in our world, which in the end, will create ruin from within for all of us. I’ve heard such statements more than once over the years, which is likely more true than not.

One of my customers stopped by today, just to let me know his wife had recently come down with a wicked flu strain which had her in bed for three days, but did finally get over it, so be sure to be on your guard against it because that’s not the first one I’ve heard about this past month. After all these three long years of dealing with the pandemic, I’ve grown more accustomed to steering clear of crowds and close contact with clients and customers. I’ve always been a chronic hand-washer, but after Covid hit, I wash them even more, which has me wondering why I haven’t rubbed off my fingerprints.

When I went to grab my mail, I noticed I’d already received four cards of thanks from those I’d given Christmas gifts. I absolutely love reading the lines they add which give them a more personal touch. I have a feeling there’ll be many more being delivered these coming days which will contain additional touching hand-penned notes. I believe this past Christmas was the more heart-warming for me, and likely because I upped the number of those I’d gifted.

With my afternoon free, I headed back over to my paying it forward cleaning project which ate up another three and a half hours. The one room I was dreading the most, which was the bathroom, is now finished, and I hope I’ll never have to clean another as dirty as that one was, so now all I have left, is the kitchen and back entryway, which I’ll likely be working on tomorrow afternoon until it’s finished. I really don’t want to be messing with it on Sunday, because I’ll be playing over at St. Paul Lutheran in the morning, and hopefully my afternoon will be free for me to get back to my own project- in-waiting.

I received a call from one of my colleagues whom I’d not spoken to in weeks, which lasted longer than normal, and only because we had a great number of things to talk about which had taken place since we last spoke. We both agreed that our market will likely not be as maniacal as it has been since the pandemic hit, and only because such buying and selling in our little burg, cannot be sustained.

Another topic of discussion, was that monster tax abatement that was given to that ticky tacky apartment complex called “The River”, which was likely given a 100% real estate tax abatement for ten long years. I was told that they’re only paying taxes on the land which is assessed at 500K, and the other 13+ million in assessed value, is being waived of real estate taxes. Now that’s one heck of a chunk of tax money that’s not being collected. What we both thought funny, is hearing about stories from some of those existing tenants who’re complaining about their continued rent increases, while having to endure the poor quality of construction contained within. It’s no wonder they’re doing a build-out nearby on another one of them. Wouldn’t you do the same if you were the developer and/or end-owner? Sounds like a cash cow to me. What are your thoughts?

Just as I walked in the back door of my office, I noticed another colleague of mine standing at my front door wanting in. Now that was a surprise because my visitor almost never stops, but does call from time to time. Our conversation was filled with even more illuminations which created a few jaw drops with me, so by the end of my working hours, I figured this must’ve been the day were I was to be loaded-up with additional information I’d not been privy to. I know most would rather keep their heads buried like ostriches in hopes danger simply go away, but yours truly would rather be kept abreast of all those quiet happenings which most in our general public don’t take the time to stop, notice, and take mental notes. Perhaps there’ll be more calls or arrivals tomorrow who’ll share additional information, along with getting a few more questions and concerns off their chests before our year is finally over.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If I’m not allowed to laugh in Heaven, I don’t want to go there.

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