Fabricated Blame Game

I was delighted to find another frost-less morning when heading to work, and after looking at the weather channel, it sounds like we’re gonna have some un-seasonably warm days this coming week, although we are definitely in need of more rain because our trees and shrubs need to have enough ground moisture to survive the coming winter.

With the end of the month fast on our heels, I made sure to get my accounting brought up to date before November arrives. I also placed a call to a dear one because I’d not finished relaying some information that I knew would be beneficial to her. We also had a good discussion over the radicalization that’s taking place in our Country, and especially people like that nut-case who broke into Pelosi’s home and attacked her husband with a hammer. The next time I talk to her, I’m going to say what I said to another recently which was, “It looks like our society hasn’t hit rock bottom yet, and just like those who’re heavy into drugs, they either die or manage to clean themselves up and return to the mainstream.” Speaking of mainstream, have you noticed people don’t use that term anymore which I find curious because mainstream in my mind would be typified as a down-to-earth, law-abiding citizen who’s just wanting to get along with others while having a good life. Are they all gone?

I did place another call to a gentleman whom I try to connect with on a regular basis, and the main reason I called, was to tell him that I spotted two coyotes on the run last night, which is telling me they’re becoming all the more bold when seeing them inside our City limits. They are the creepiest of critters because they too much remind me of miniature wolves, and if you’ve ever seen some of the recent videos about them, you also know that if there’s enough of them in a pack, and very hungry, they’ll go after just about anything. About twenty or more years ago when someone mentioned the farmers having a problem with them out in Eastern Iowa, I knew they’d sooner or later be migrating here.

After having done as much as I could on the real estate side, I changed my clothes and headed out to transplant those seedling Magnolia trees I grew from seed this Spring.
I ended up with fourteen very healthy trees, and in spite my offering to give some of them away, I had no takers, which forced me to plant them in my yard, and thank goodness there was enough room for them.

Once all the holes were dug, I mixed up a combination of mulch and topsoil, and then carefully dug them up, just so there’d be enough rootball on them. Most were at least a foot and half tall, and the main stems were bigger around than I’d expected. I then filled in the holes and covered the soil with a good layer of dried grass before placing the circles of heavy wire mesh around them, and then anchored with steel fence posts. I know for a fact deer absolutely love eating the branches and stripping the bark off Magnolias, so hopefully they’re now fully protected. I gave each tree a good soaking with a five gallon pail of water before calling it quits. After seeing how dry our soil has become, I dare say we definitely need a few million dollar rain showers.

Now that I’m completely out of that heavy wire, I’ll have to get another roll purchased before transplanting those Red and Burr oak trees which should’ve been transplanted over two years ago. If I use the same planting technique on them as I did with the Magnolias, they should finally start taking off in growth. A neighbor who lives not far from me, planted two Burr oak trees in his front yard about ten years ago, and to my surprise, they’re bigger than I thought they’d be. I think the key, is giving them all the room they need to grow and not having to compete with other trees for sunlight and moisture.

When I returned to office, I changed back into my street clothes, just so I’d be presentable for several late-afternoon appointments. My first one didn’t take long because I had everything readied for him, but the second one took longer because I had to fill out a form and go over it with him. I had to laugh to myself because he was going on and on about my so-called beautiful cursive handwriting. Of course he’s likely in his mid-twenties, which put him in the “print only” group. Every time he mentioned something about it, all I could say was, “It’s really nothing because this is the way in which I was taught to write.” After he left, I began wondering how long it’s going to be before cursive handwriting is completely erased from our culture, and should a future poor old soul write something in cursive for some youngsters, they’d likely not be able to read it. I can already see it coming. Can’t you?

With some time to kill, I went online and got myself saturated with all our local and global news. What caught my attention the most, was the attack on those Russian ships located in Sevastopol which is where the their Black Sea Fleet is harbored. Of course the Russian media was in full force with their fabricated blame game on who and why that attack took place. I will never stop being amazed by how the Russian government and their state-controlled medias can come up with the justifications for purposely invading Ukraine without provocation. As my mother used to say, “When a person lies so much, they come to the point where it’s impossible for them to tell the truth because they’ve lost touch with reality.” Doesn’t that sound like Putin and his cronies?

What got me all stirred up again, was reading what that radical Marjorie Taylor Green said on her little post about Pelosi’s husband being attacked, after she in her previous rants called for Pelosi to be hung for treason, along with other violence-inciting words directed at Pelosi. MTG has no business holding such a high office in our Government.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I have all the emotions everyone else has; it just appears that I don’t.

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