The Fomenting Of Social Discord

We had another frost-less night which in turn offered us afternoon temps reaching up in the the sixties. Since I didn’t hit the hay until much later than normal last night, I ended up running behind this morning because I’d overslept. With daylight savings time starting on Sunday morning, there’ll be my semi-annual adjustment to a time change. I really wish they’d either leave daylight savings on year-round, or not have it at all because of the days it takes to acclimate oneself.

My morning was pretty much filled with getting that home closed over in Clear Lake, and I left early enough so I could stop and pick up our sign, along with removing the lockbox off the door, and by the time I got that finished, I managed to pull up to the bank about three minutes beforehand. Thank goodness I took my notary stamp with me because it made it so much easier to have the seller sign all his docs and get them notarized before it was our turn to meet with the closing agent.

Because we had to stay out in the waiting room while the buyers were signing loan docs, I had time to chat with the seller. It sounded like his new purchase was going to be his last because he’s finally found everything in one home that’s been on his “must have” list. Knowing he’s purchased the third time since buying his first home, it’s pretty much the standard in our area. I do believe he’ll be anchored to his new home for a very long time.

On my way back I made a stop at Clear Lake’s Fareway, and while there I purchased a small package of what was named “Blueberry Kolache”,and only because they didn’t look anything like the kolaches my mother used to make, and when I got back to the office, they definitely didn’t taste anything like a kolache. Oh well, at least I gave them a try.

When I got back into the City, I stopped at Hy-Vee Drug where they had 12 packs of canning lids and rings on sale for only three dollars, so I purchased all the they had of the regular-mouthed jars, so I’ll not be desperately searching for lids and rings when the next garden harvest season arrives. I dare say those were a pretty darned good buy.

By the time I had all the back-end work done on that closed file, it was well past Noon, but before I could go and get lunch, I had to run and get another needed supply for that project that’s been underway since Tuesday. They’re working much slower than expected, but making up for it with quality. I had to remind them of several extra things I wanted done. For whatever reason, one of the workers asked me how old I was, and my knee-jerk response was, “I’m older than most but younger than many.” The look I got was worthy of a photo.

One of my afternoon appointments was to show 224 – 12th St. SE, and today’s lookers happened to be investors, and since we were there longer than normal, I’d say there’s some strong interest. I was able to get all their questions answered, so we’ll see if I get a call-back. It’s time that baby goes under contract.

Somehow while in conversation with a visitor at office today, we ended up on the subject of gifting/giving. After sharing thoughts and experiences, I dare say she’s one of the few who understands the concept of giving freely without any strings attached, pressure involved, or being shamed into it.

Have you ever noticed how it’s become a very dirty habit with those who’ve decided to give, but end up making a show out of it to where it ends up being nothing less than a publicity stunt. You’ve all seen where some person or organization who’s given to some charity or fund drive, finding their pictures being posted in the newspaper, accompanied by an oily write-up. I don’t know about you, but I consider that anything but a true act of giving.

I once knew a woman who’d go on and on about the money she’d given to this or that cause, and so many times my wanting to ask, “Are you complaining or bragging?” Another thing I’ve found quite annoying, is when someone brings up some favor they’d done or gift they’d given, which took place ages ago, but never mentioning the times others had freely and willing done or given to them. Isn’t it funny how in these times we find all the more people suffering from selective memory loss? Yeah, the “all about me” and my wants, and to “Hell” with everyone else, is quite remarkable.

Around mid-afternoon, I made a point to stop over to a going away party which was being held for a gentleman whom I’d worked with a very many years ago, and since I sold his first home for him, and then sold he and his wife the home they’re still living in, I thought it best to make an appearance. It was a fun experience, and glad I went because I ended up having a long conversation with a gentleman whom I rarely cross paths with who dabbles in the arena of real estate. Since he’s been in the field for a very many years, he’s also of the belief we’re in for another correction.

I was in absolute shock today when reading where Nancy Pelosi’s home was broken into and her husband attacked by a nut case filled with all those crazy conspiracy theories being promoted by the far-right. Can you imagine someone breaking into your home and attacking you with hammer in hand, and only because of your political affiliations? As far as I’m concerned, those social medias need to have all those conspiracy sites removed. I’m definitely a believer in free speech, but not the fomenting of social discord with blatant lies.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The secret to staying young, is having no sense of time.

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