A Monarch From The Dark Side

Another pleasant early morning took place where I was able to get to office and head to my quiet contemplative corner without any distractions. Over-all, it was a good session to where I was able to focus on those whom I’d included in my mental list of intentions. It must be getting better each Sunday because I’ve been having all the fewer temporal thoughts that enter in which I have to dispel before moving forward. Once again, I must say getting back into contemplative prayer which I’d fallen away from for whatever reasons at the time, and the main reason for my return to it in these times, was due to the pandemic which limited my church-going for many months. Yes, out of bad things do come good things as long as we look for them.

I had some emails to return and several phone calls to make before I changed my clothes and headed out for my planned long day of physical work, and today being very important because of how high the temps were going to be during our sun-filled day.

My first job was to get some refuse picked up and bagged which will be hauled to the landfill when I have time. Those many bags were the last remnants of that extended project I finished up on yesterday. I still can’t believe I managed to get that daunting task done before the cold arrived.

Once I had those bags placed where they needed to be, I headed back over to another one of my projects which has been poking at me for many weeks, and only because it was a stripping project I’d started several months ago, but didn’t have time to finish. Well, today was a long one, because I made up my mind I was going to get it finished, even if I had to stay an hour or two later.

Just before the rain drops started, I had it completely finished, and after I got my big mess cleaned up, I stood back and looked at that cabinet which was gifted to me some months ago by two dear clients, and thank goodness I fulfilled my pledge to them by saying I’d have it finished before winter arrived.

When seeing it in their garage for the first time, I asked them where they were going to put it in their new home, and there answer was, “We don’t have room for it.”, and out of the blue one of them said, “Do you want it?” Of course I encouraged them to see if one of their children would take it, or possibly a friend or relative.

Several days later I was asked again if I wanted it, and finally I said, “Yes, I’ll take it but it’s gonna have to be stripped before I put it to use in my office.” I did say that if they truly wanted me to have it, I’d always hold it dearly as a remembrance of them. Well, once I had my mess cleaned up late this afternoon, I stood back and gave it a full-look, and all I could think of, was the future time when I’d call them to come look at the finished product in my office, and how shocked they’ll be at it’s resurrected beauty. After working on nearly every square inch of it, I came to the understanding why I was so smitten when I first saw it. There was a modification done to the top which must’ve been done, just so it would fit in a room with eight-foot tall ceilings, because that baby must’ve originally been closer to eight and a half or nine feet tall. I will try to put it back the way it was if I can find the same type of wood that’s of the same age. Hopefully it’ll be fully finished before the holidays arrive and proudly standing in the hallway of my office. Once it’s placed, I’ll take a photo of it and share with all of you. It possesses my favorite style which is, diminished elegance. All told, it took me approximately fifteen hours to get it fully stripped.

Before heading home, I had to stop back at office and get an appointment set for a home inspector to go thru one of my listings which has a buyer interested in it, and since the buyer lives far away, we decided it best there’d be a home inspection completed on it before we placed it under contract. It’s not that I think the seller is hiding anything, but it always makes me nervous when buyers want to purchase something sight-unseen.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few needed items, and as I was driving home, the storm clouds began moving in. I can’t believe how it was thundering like it normally does in the middle of Summer. I keep praying we’ll not have a repeat of that band of tornados which ripped thru North Iowa last December. That was a very scary evening.

After reading where Boris Johnson bowed out of the race for Prime Minister today, it sounds like that other guy whom I can’t even stand looking at, is going to be elected. His “high-brow” British English is very much for me, a big turn-off. Of course being a multi-millionaire who never had an overcast day in his life, is all the more of a turn-off.

When looking at the current leaders of the world and the number of people at their beck and call, I can’t help wondering of the mentalities of the general public has changed to where we have totalitarian-minded leaders who once they get it, believe they’re set for life. Ok, we now have Xi from China being re-elected hands-down, Putin the pigmy from Russia, Orban from Hungary, Erdogan from Turkey, Ayatollah Khomeini from Iran, along with all those fiefdoms in Africa and beyond, you can’t help wondering if the bulk of our world population now wants a monarch from the dark side. I dare say I’ve never seen so much of it at any given period in modern history, and it’s either tied to atheism or religion. Go figure.

Tonight’s photo is one I took of a majestic crown atop an ancient white oak tree.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whenever having too much time off, it drives me nuts to the point where I’m ready to start crawling up walls.

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