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I was on a burn to get my real estate chores and phone calls made early this morning, just so I would have time for that extended project I’ve been working on for a number of free weekend days. I did make sure to place a courtesy call to a colleague of mine, just to share some curious events which happened since we last spoke. I could tell she was in a better mood than the last time I called, so whatever burr she had under her saddle, must’ve been dislodged. She would’ve liked to visit longer, but I had to cut our conversation short, just so I could get cracking.

After getting changed into my work clothes, I stopped at Fareway to pick up few snacks because I figured I wouldn’t have time for a lunch break when knowing I had to keep my nose to the grindstone if I was gonna get that filthy project finally finished.

I actually wasn’t even able to get much if any breaks from it because those evil biting jiggers were back at it again when it warmed up, and thank goodness I did get that entire daunting project completed around half past three, and glad I did because those jiggers were getting worse by the hour.

Once I awaken tomorrow morning, I won’t be surprised if I’ll be asking myself if I really did get it finished because it’s been one hell-of-a learning curve for me, and now looking back on it, I’m asking myself, “How in the world were you able to get it done?” For sure it was one of those jobs which I’ll be pushing back in my memory banks, only in hopes it’ll be soon forgotten. Yes, it was that bad.

A dear friend of mine asked me not long ago, what exactly I’ve been doing those days I spoke about the filthiest job in the world. I told her it was my little secret, but did agree to share my thoughts about it sometime in the future. On a positive note, I had November 1st as being my drop-dead day of getting it completed, so having it completely finished ten days ahead of schedule, was a bonus for me.

While I was out working, I received several phone calls, and one of them was from a relative of mine who lives out of State whom I’d not spoken with in many weeks. I was glad to hear all’s been well on their side of the fence, and it sounded like they’ll be doing some distant traveling in December. I was told it was a combination of work and pleasure, but knowing that couple, it’ll be more work than relaxing, or at least for one of them.

The other call I received, was from a past customer who’s been wanting me to help her with getting the rentals she owns here in Mason City prepped and rented. We had a nice chat about what my procedures and fees are, and what I did tell her, seemed to be agreeable, but I did assure her that I’d put it in writing and send off an email once I returned to office today, and that’s exactly what I did. I really don’t have a problem procuring tenants, but I definitely don’t want to get into management because it’s really not worth the effort, and since I helped with the management of over 230 units at one time, my knee-jerk response has always been, “No thanks. Been there; done that.”

When checking on my strawberries today, I noticed I’d missed pulling three onions, and since their tops were already frozen off and dried, I’ll soon be putting them to use. I did forget to mention my having just recently seen those British cucumbers in a groceteria, and when looking at the price for just one of them, it definitely created a jaw-drop. I think we’ll soon be seeing far fewer people buying those specialty vegetables, because only those with thick wallets will be able to afford them.

When I had a little free time last night, I thought I’d do some online research on our area organic farmers who’re selling their meats and veggies to specialty markets as well as online. Twisted River Farm which is located up in Mitchell, is owned and run by a young couple who’re definitely fully-immersed in making their organic vegetable business their main source of income.

I’ve known the husband long before he purchased that little acreage and started growing vegetables. Back when I first met him, he was a my “go to” salesman at Zilge’s Appliance, and as chance would have it, on one occasion, he mentioned his side-line business of raising free-range chickens for meat.

There was no doubt in my mind that he was one of those determined chaps because after hearing about him making a drive twice a day to check on his chickens, along with his moving their grazing pens every few days, that extra effort was definitely a sign of diligence.

I did notice where he’s now taking orders for next year where a person can get a box of fresh assorted veggies every week, or every other week. Now that they’ve been growing and marketing organic vegetables for well over two years, they should now be established. I’ve actually seen him delivering his produce to “Roots” which is next door to my office, but unfortunately he’s always gone before I have a chance to catch him. Having dealt with him over at Zilge’s a number of times, there’s no question he’s honest and hard-working. Knowing from past experience, growing organic vegetables and free-range poultry, is a full-time job and then some. I do wish the both of them the absolute best.

Aaron and Dana Thomas also recently started raising and selling organic pork, chickens and turkeys on their 10 acre mini-farm which is just west of Kensett. Good for them!

Tonight’s One-liner is: No matter what hyenas sound like, they are not actually laughing.

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