Those Who’ve Stepped Out Of Line

It was surely a cold one this morning, and when the rain arrived, it felt all the colder. Knowing it was going to be raining, I made sure to get my strawberries picked beforehand, just so I wouldn’t be out in the mud. When looking at our ten day forecast, it appeared we’re likely not going to be getting any overnight frosts, and if that be the case, I’ll have a good number of pickings before that happens. I just might have the number of small jars of strawberry jam needed which I’m planning on gifting this Christmas. It really does have an exceptionally better taste than what you’d find in the store. Way back when I was young, I’d sometimes have two heavily buttered pieces of toast with a good smearing of peanut butter and strawberry jam. Yummy.

One of my dear friends alerted me about those likely hundreds of army transport trucks that were being shipped off to Europe from the Manly Terminal. When seeing that infinitely long line of them, I figured they were being shipped to someplace far and away because if their final destinations were closer, they would’ve been driven there.
More than likely they’ll end up in Ukraine. After reading the article about them in the Globe Gazette, I picked up the phone and called her. We did have a very nice conversation on this miserably gray day.

I received an offer on 1006 – 1008 N. Delaware today, so I gave it a good looking-over and then scanned and emailed it to the sellers for their review. The buyers are wanting an answer tomorrow, so I’ll likely be on the phone with my sellers in the morning. I’m now wondering how high our mortgage interest rates have to go before our out-of-control real estate market begins to slow. As of today, the 30 year rates are at 6 3/4% which haven’t been that high since before our last market crash in 2008. I won’t be surprised if the buyers plug themselves into adjustable rate mortgages which are markedly lower. Times are changing, and we’ll soon see what direction they’ll be going.

Several days ago I decided to try my hand at making ketchup, and the reason I had an inspiration, was my having found a recipe for it in an early 1900’s cookbook. I first had to reduce the amount of ingredients because I would’ve had ketchup coming out of my ears, and the reason I used that recipe, was the fact that it didn’t call for any sugar which I thought to be interesting, so I went ahead and made it.

Well, after getting a good taste of it, I know it’ll be put to a good use, but not as ketchup, and only because it tastes far too salty, and of no surprise because of the amount of salt that recipe was calling for. Not to worry because I’ll be using it as an additive for meatloaf, goulash, soup, a rub for meat, and just about anything else a person would want to spice up and not have to add any additional salt because it’s already there. Of course I used fresh San Marzano tomatoes as one of the ingredients, so at least there’s a good base to it. What at first tasted like a disastrous salt lick, ended up being put to an even better use.

While out in my garden, I checked on those onions I planted on the fourth of July. If they don’t go down in my history book as being some of the largest onions I’ve ever harvested, it’ll be a surprise to me. I’ll be rooting them on up until I have to pick them before the frost.

I had some extra paperwork to get delivered to the respective parties involving the sale of that Prairie Place unit, and when finished, I figured I had everything on my side done, just so no one would think I was creating a cog in the wheel. I’m hoping we can get it closed even earlier than expected. With that last unit left, I’ve decided to do some extra advertising on it, just so our North Iowa’s seniors are aware it’s available.

A long-time friend of mine called me today which was of no surprise because he’d been crossing my mind of late. We had a great deal to catch up on since we last spoke, but unfortunately he got interrupted by a faux emergency, so he later sent me an email saying he’d catch up with me next week. When thinking about how long I’ve known him, caused me to ask myself, “Where’ve all those years gone?”

When reading the news today about how those young people of Russia are reacting to that so-called “call-up”, there are already reports of people getting pulled into service who’re supposed to be in the protected group that’s to keep their economy running. It’s just one more example of how broken their system is to where the top guy says one thing, but means another. I still believe it’s a way for Putin to rid himself of dissidents by sending them to Ukraine in uniforms and end up as cannon fodder. Don’t be a bit surprised, because Putin’s security service is everywhere and watching nearly every move of those who’ve stepped out of line from Putin’s propaganda. At least the general public of Russia has awakened when now seeing that senseless war is personally affecting them.

Do you remember a number of months ago, my talking about planting some baby Magnolia trees? Well, as of today, they’re reaching towards the two-foot tall mark, so after they’ve gone dormant, I’ll have to dig them up and plant them in a permanent location. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve sworn they were two years old instead of this year’s seedlings. For sure, this has been one spectacular growing season for North Iowa.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The most important thing in an argument, next to being right, is to leave an escape hatch for your opponents, just so they can gracefully swing over to your side without too much apparent loss of face.

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