Your Un-lived Life

Yikes! It was hovering around forty degrees this morning which was definitely Mother Nature’s way of saying “Fall’s arrived!”. I even had to turn my heater on in my vehicle while driving to work, which was the first time in months. Oh well, we can’t have endless summers when living this far north.

Most of my morning was filled with the finalizing of the sale of the larger Prairie Place on 1st unit we had for sale. Considering the time-line the buyer’s asking for, I know it’s going to be a big push to get everything done on time. For sure I’ll work to make it happen. We have only one unit remaining, and now that Fall has arrived, let’s hope that one will soon be sold. Perhaps once our seniors find out that our weather forecast for the winter ahead is going to be cold with lots of snow, they’ll be all the more wanting to be snug as a bug in Prairie Place on 1st.

I had a super disappointment today when finding a seller I’d done some pre-market work for, ended up selling his home for many thousands less than I would’ve ever dreamed, and of course it was one of those who must’ve thought I was blowing smoke when giving my estimate of value. Of course it happened to be an investor/flipper who purchased it, so it’ll be a win-win for him. Since the pandemic arrived, there’ve been some really bad decisions being made by both buyers and sellers. With the interest rates on the climb, there’s gonna be a reckoning taking place with those buyers who put little or no downpayment when they purchased. For the first time in many years, our 30 year mortgage rates are now at 6.5%.

Around mid-morning a gentleman I’ve known stopped by the office to tell me about someone who may possibly be listing his home, and as much as I tried to listen to him, I was being bombarded by the smell of what must’ve been last night’s alcohol having seeped into his clothing. I’m sure all of you a time or two have encountered that smell, and let me tell you, it wasn’t pleasant. Having been an extremely heavy drinker for a very many years, I’m still surprised he’s still alive. Oh well, there’s normally nothing a person can do other than watch it all play out.

We’ve been getting some good activity on 1006 – 1008 N. Delaware since it was listed, and just tonight I received a call from an out of town Realtor who may have someone interested in it, so perhaps it’ll be going under contract soon. As far as side-by-side duplexes go, I’d say that has one of the best floor plans I’ve seen.

When looking at the piles of paper I’d been accumulating these past months, I figured today was the time I needed to go thru all of them and shred what was no longer relevant. After getting a peek at each one before shredding, I can certainly say I do a great deal of pro-bono work for the general public which normally goes thankless and un-rewarded, and people wonder why I get a little defensive whenever being told I do so little for so much. Really?

I had go and do an inspection on some work that was being done today, and as I suspected, it wasn’t as good as I would’ve performed, but I have to keep telling myself, “Your standards are not those of others.” Like I said before, “Living up here in the far reaches of Iowa, you get what you get.” At least it’s now done so my clients won’t be fretting any longer.

While in conversation today with a client, the mention of a high school track team came up which always takes me back to my younger years when I was in school. I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts when saying, “Every time I hear of high school runners, thoughts of an un-lived life of long distance running comes to mind.” Of course I had to clarify that statement by telling him that I had morning and evening chores at home which didn’t allow for any of those extra-curricular school activities. I did conclude my story by telling him that in later years I was very much into running long distances on a daily basis, so at least I did get my fill of it. Don’t we all have to make those mental compromises whenever thinking about lives which could have been?

Since I had to be at office most of the afternoon due to having to wait for some paperwork to arrive, I went online and got a good fill-up on all the new feeds. The most troubling for me, are the recent happenings in Iran and Russia. I won’t be surprised if those riots in Iran are going to grow in numbers over the death of that young woman who died in custody of their religious “police”. If she did indeed die by the hands of those men, and only because she wasn’t wearing the proper hair covering, she’ll soon become a martyr for the cause of the women living in that Country.

I believe Putin has really lost his marbles by coming out and calling up those so-called reservists, when in fact, his personal secret little army is sending everyone who’s spoken out against his “operation”, off to be prepared for a meat-grinding in Ukraine. I’m still in disbelief how many thousands and possibly millions of people are looking for ways to get out of Russia. In my opinion, there’s going to be no good coming out of this for him and his regime. He’s appearing more like a drowning man grabbing at straws. I won’t be a bit surprised if those little Eurasian Republics he has under his thumb, will now be emboldened enough to rise up against Putin and demand their own freedom from his totalitarian yoke. We’ll soon see what’s going to happen if he rigs those elections in the Donbas and declares it part of Russia. Yes, these are troubling times in which we live.

Tonight’s One-liner is: An idealist believes the short run doesn’t count, and a cynic believes the long run doesn’t matter, but a realist believes that what is done or left undone in the short run, always determines the long run.

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