Displaying Flags With Swastikas

As much as I would’ve liked to see rain last night, it didn’t happen, so we’re going to be impatiently waiting for another good shower to come our way. I’m still wondering where the past three months went, but I guess I was too busy to even notice those rapidly passing days.

When I arrived at office, I busied myself with getting some emails returned, but unfortunately I didn’t get the last one finished, so it’ll have to wait until the morning because the text messages and phone calls were starting earlier than normal.

There were appointments to be set for Realtors wanting to show my acreage listing, as well as a buyer of mine wanting to see one that’s listed with another agency. I get very annoyed with some of my colleagues who are overly-demanding when they want information or showings set up, but when the tables are turned, it’s a whole different ball game. What’s pathetic about it all, is the fact they don’t even realize they’re doing it, which becomes another confirmation that narcissism is getting about as wide-spread as the pandemic, and it’s all society’s fault for encouraging it. When talking about these practices with a long-time colleague today, I couldn’t help adding, “Beauty always fades away, but stupidity lasts forever.” He got a good belly-laugh about of that one, but then added, “You hit that nail on the head.”

While placing a sold sign on a listing of mine, I happened to notice a relatively new cell phone lying on the ground near my sign, and since that home is vacant, I picked it up and took it to my car. Later on, I called the owner to see if her yard people had dropped it, but unfortunately it wasn’t them. When I drove down to the Police Station, I found they’d just closed for the day, so that’ll be one of my morning duties tomorrow. Since it’s locked, I couldn’t see anything other than a keyboard to unlock it, but whomever owns it, sure gets a number of text messages because it was beeping quite often. I’m suspecting it belongs to a young person who accidentally dropped it while walking down that home’s sidewalk.

With it being the first of the month, I sure had the calls coming in who’re asking if my office had any apartments or homes available for rent. You would think there’d be more considering all the home buying that’s been going on with first-time buyers since the pandemic arrived in 2020.

After I managed to get all the numbers over to the closing company that’s going to handle Friday’s closing, I ran over to St. Paul Lutheran and pulled the music I was given to play this weekend, and since I was already there, I sat down at their organ and practiced for about twenty minutes. I would’ve stayed longer, but I was getting more text messages from demanding Realtors.

It sounds like there are more people getting Covid in our area, so it looks like we’ve got another wave coming. I did mention to a friend today how I still keep my distance from people, and whenever in stores, I try to remember to wear a mask. The ones that have been getting it, are also those that’ve been vaccinated, along with getting their boosters, so it looks like we’re not gonna be 100% immune to it. I’ll be forever-blaming China for allowing it to get started in the first place.

Since I’d not heard from my potential seller this weekend, I placed a call, and glad I did because my cell phone number was mis-placed. I’m confident they’ll be calling this week, so that’s all I can do is wait. I’ve never been in the home, but knowing its size and location, it should sell as long as it’s priced right.

I had a nice visit with an older gentleman several days ago who was talking about his growing up years while living on a farm out East. He went on to say he could not remember not having some physical chores to do. I was shocked when he told me he was driving a tractor at the age of eight.

Knowing how talented he is with machines and construction, I was a bit in shock when he told me he also learned everything he could from his mother which included cooking, sewing and upholstering. Talk about a man of all trades! I totally agreed with him regarding our social medias and how they’re ruining the brains of our younger generation. He had his own business up until a few years ago when discovering it was almost impossible to find people who were willing to work a full day. Pretty scary if you ask me.

With some time to kill, I got caught up on the news coming out of Russia and Ukraine. I watched one video of a religious gathering in some far-off Russian town where most of them don’t have running water or gas to heat or cook with, yet they’re still brainwashed with all the fake news they’re getting fed on their televisions. Now that’s pretty masochistic if you ask me. They can barely heat their homes, yet they consider Putin to be their godfather.

One of the Russian oligarchs who fell from Putin’s grace some years ago, is convinced he’s now on a path to completely destroy Ukraine because his demonic brain is likely realizing the Ukrainians are not going to back down. They’re now drawing more similarities between Hitler and Putin, which I early-on believed to be there, and to think Putin’s reason for invading Ukraine, was to rid that country of Nazis. I’m still not liking these alt-right groups in our country, publicly displaying flags with swastikas on them. Pretty sick if you as me.

Tonight’s One-liner is: If you don’t drive your business, you’ll be driven out of business.

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