Their Fourth Changing

Another Sunday morning rolled around, and of course the first and most important duty of the day, was to sneak back to my quiet and darkened corner to get my contemplative session started. Once again, I was involved in it longer because of the extra prayers I was sending out for those struggling Ukrainians who’ve been pulled into an over five month long nightmare created by Putin whom I’m fully convinced, is the devil incarnate.  There’s no human being alive who could be fully responsible for the needless suffering and deaths of that many innocent people, without being fully consumed by the core of evil. I mentioned to an acquaintance today how I still can’t get my brain wrapped around the torturing and random executions the Russian military has committed. Such mentalities were alive back before the age of enlightenment, so it looks like our technological world is on a fast-track of regression.

After my session was over, I tidied up my desk and workspace for another work week ahead. It’s amazing how quickly I can accumulate periodicals, advertisements and all the other notes and print-outs which may have been important on a given day, but this morning, no longer serving any purpose other than taking up space.

Once I had everything straightened up, I grabbed my folio of music and headed over to St. Paul Lutheran, just so I’d have time to practice those pieces on their vintage organ before their Services began. After this morning, I know for a fact that I have to play their organ at least once a week because when I’m away from it for a full two weeks, I find myself having fallen backwards with my proficiency. I’m glad I got there early enough to get relatively comfortable with it again. I also noticed it’s not so much the keyboard that’s a struggle after two weeks of being away, but rather the pedalboard.

Unfortunately their sound system started making some annoying noises which couldn’t be stopped, so the entire Service was being conducted without microphones. I’m sure those who’re hard of hearing, were really struggling to understand the Scripture readings, and most of all, the sermon. I’m sure they’ll be diligently working at getting someone there to get it fixed.

I did go downstairs afterwards and grab a half cup of coffee and have a chat or two with several of their members. I will say, they go all out with the munchies they serve in their Social Hall every time it’s their turn to have their Services at St. Paul. I think if a person tried every item offered, they’d be wanting to skip lunch.

When I got back to office, I changed my clothes and headed out to get some weeding done in my garden areas, just so those nasty things wouldn’t be taking them over. I was out there for over two hours, and when looking back at what was done, I figured it was good enough for one day. Everything looks good except the tomatoes and peppers which appear to be too far behind for this time of year. The cabbage plants, cucumbers, onions, rutabagas and carrots are all looking handsome. I sure hope we get the rain they’re predicting for tonight because the soil is starting to get dry, and I really don’t like watering. It looks like I’m gonna have to replace the bags on those Japanese Beetle traps again. This will be their fourth changing. Oh how I despise those creatures.

After I had a quick lunch, I headed over to the project I was working on yesterday, just to get everything on my list accomplished. After another two hours spent, it was looking about as good as it could get, so I called it a day and headed back to office to change back into my street clothes.

Having been alerted that I’ll be playing at St. Paul again next Sunday, I went digging for the music they’d assigned. I was happy to see I’d played all four of them at their church before, so that’s all I’ll have to do, is get myself back up to speed with them. One of them is filled with syncopation, which is going to take some extra practicing.

When thinking about all of today’s little chores as I was driving home, I came to the conclusion that it turned out to be a productive one because I managed to check off everything I had on the mental list I’d created before hitting the hay last night.

While out working in the garden, I couldn’t help thinking about the person who won that MegaMillion lottery which was over 1.3 billion dollars. I can’t even imagine how that person’s world has been permanently changed for years to come. Since Chicago has a high concentration of Poles and Ukrainians, I was hoping it was one of them, and being thoughtful enough to help with those many thousands of struggling Ukrainians. I’m sure whomever won it, isn’t going to be making the news, because their names can be kept private if they request it.

While out working, I did receive three text messages from other agents regarding the availability of my acreage listing at 1165 Hwy 9 in Manly, so there will likely be more showings on it this coming week. I’m still hoping one of the out of State buyers who’ve already contacted me, will end up owning it. Gosh I hope whomever the new owner is, will turn that diamond in the rough, back into a showplace.

I’m hoping to get to office early enough in the morning so I’ll have time to respond to several emails that came in from a friend and a past customer. When the phones start ringing whenever I’m responding to emails, always create an annoying distraction which in the end, takes me twice as long to get them written.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.

Joe Chodur

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