An Undulating Ocean Of Green

It started off as a relatively pleasant early morning, but as the sun was climbing, the wind grew stronger, which often times happens that way, and then as dusk approaches, the winds subside. Sounds like our planet my have some electromagnetic disruptions when the recent solar flare hits us tomorrow and Friday. They’re saying it shouldn’t be that noticeable, so we’ll see.

I had some follow-up communications to make once the hour of eight arrived, and the rest of my time was spent putzing around at office while waiting for a clear to close on two of my sales. Finally I got a confirmation the funds were received, so I grabbed my files and headed out. My first stop was to get my car filled with gas because I would soon be on the road with a three hour round-trip drive to an out of town closing company.

Since I don’t do that much long-distance driving, I had myself psyched-up for the trip. Of course there was road construction in two areas to contend with, along with enduring those crazy drivers who’re always trying to get ahead of you which has always been an annoyance for me.

With the wind blowing so hard, those many thousands of acres of corn fields reminded me of an undulating ocean of green. By the looks of those bean and corn fields, I’d say we’re heading towards another end-of-the-season bumper crop. I actually didn’t see one field looking as if it was stressed. With that on-going war in Ukraine, there’s no doubt the grain prices will remain high until it’s over and Ukraine gets their fields and infrastructures back in order.

Upon arrival in that city, I was somewhat proud of myself when being able to find their office building without getting completely turned around. I discovered I’d gone too far, and all I had to do was go around the block and there I was. I dare say it’s been a good thirty years since I’d entered its borders, and all I can say, is that it’s certainly changed for the better.

It didn’t take me long to get that closing completed, and for the strangest of reasons, at different intervals, those two female clerks we’re ending their sentences with “Hun”. After hearing it more than once, became another confirmation that our State definitely has some sub-culturing going on, and especially in their business practices. I can’t remember the last time someone said, “Hun” to me. In my recollection, that’s a word that’s freely used down in our Southern States. It would take some getting used to for me, and that’s for sure.

On my way back, I had to stop at a convenience store and buy a bottle of water, along with a small bag of chips to munch on while driving. Of course that dared-old fly which happened to get in my car at the gas station this morning, decided to be an absolute pest the entire round-trip. Don’t you just hate it to dickens when you’ve got a fly buzzing around you while you’re trying to drive? At each stop, I tried to get it to fly out, but of course it had to hide until my doors and windows were closed.

One of the many eighteen-wheelers I encountered on my trip, happened to have some interesting writing on it. Of course I always have to look to see which State they’re licensed in, and this one happened to be from Mississippi which meant that driver is definitely an over the road trucker who’s only home on the weekends. Getting back to the signage on his truck. On the back of it was boldly written, “I’m Cadillacin”, which I thought to be clever, but while I was passing him, on the long-side of his trailer was also boldly written, “I ain’t gonna stop movin until I’ve been slid into my hole.” Now that statement was speaking loud and clear that the driver is one who’ll likely never slow down that last breath is taken. Don’t we all know people fitting such profiles?

For about thirty or more miles, there was a beat up old Pontiac with Fayette County plates on it with a young woman driving and a male of similar age with longer hair and scruffy beard seated nest to her. The windows on the car looked like they hadn’t been washed in years, and for the strangest of reason, I had this “feeling” they were going to turn off the Interstate and head to Mason City. Well, wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly what they did. I was beginning to think they might have thought I was following them because they slowed down to a point on a four-lane to where I had to pass them. Since I had to turn off before I got to our Downtown, I lost them because they kept going straight. We sure have been getting more out-of-County drivers of late, which makes me wonder what’s up with that.

I stopped at both houses, removed their lockboxes and then pulled their signs before heading back to office where I had a number of calls to return since I’d been away for well over three hours. I called each seller to stop by my office so I could deliver their proceeds checks, and by the time all of that was finished, it was time to call it a day.

I’d almost forgotten what it feels like when on the road for so long, because whenever I’ve taken long road trips, I always find myself overly-tired. I think it must have to do with being on the constant watch while driving and not being able to get settled down for even a moment. It must be something a person gets used to because I know a number of people who drive to Des Moines or Minneapolis on a regular basis. Today’s road trip was filling enough to last me for months.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whatever you want in life, other people are going to want it too, so believe in yourself enough to accept the idea that you have an equal right to it.

Joe Chodur

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