Whose Bite Is Worse

It was an absolutely beautiful morning, but when the afternoon arrived, the wind returned, but fortunately it wasn’t as strong as it has been. Before heading to office, I stopped out to Fleet Farm and did a quick run thru their car wash.

My first appointment was to meet with a contractor to get some measurements on some windows belonging to a client of mine, and after that was done, I had another meeting with a gentleman at a home which will be coming on the market, just so I could get an estimate on how much it would cost to have several rooms of carpeting removed and hauled off. After finishing with him, it was time to meet a locksmith at a building to get several doors re-keyed.

Just as I pulled up to office, a long-time client/customer called and asked if I had time for a quick stop-over visit. Unbeknownst to me, he was already parked outside my office. His main concern was what needed to be done on his home before I came to look at it. I finally convinced him that it wasn’t necessary to go to such an extent until I’ve looked at it, so hopefully he’ll soon be giving me a call.

My early afternoon appointment was with the CEO of Good Shepherd to list another unit over at Prairie Place. Today’s listing is Unit 209 which is on the second floor with a balcony facing south. Our asking price is $225K which is considerably below what similar units are selling for, and since it was built in 2016, it still has the “feel” of new. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve not had one unit owner offer any negative remarks about that senior community. Believe you me, they all get along marvelously.

When seeing a home having recently come on the market, I was ever-so grateful I wasn’t chosen from the group of “interviews” that were given by the owner because I could “sense” it would be a non-stop struggle to get it sold, and especially considering its location and condition. I’ll have to send a “thank you” note to a gentleman who’s closely tied to that owner who’d highly recommended using the agent that now has it listed. Yes, there are little miracles happening all around us as long as we recognize them.

I had several couples stop by this afternoon asking if my office had any rentals available, and both times I had to turn them away, along with recommending they contact several agencies in our City who specialize in property management. I took a few moments to look online to see what was available, and of course the few that were listed, had some pretty steep prices on them, and since I’m fully familiar with our City, I can safely say they weren’t in the most sought-after neighborhoods.

This short week has definitely kept me on the run with my first of the month duties, along with client and customer meetings. I’ll be glad when Friday has come and gone so we can return to a normal weekend, followed by a full work week. I’m hoping I can get one more sale under my belt before the week is out.

I had a well-known of mine in stitches of laughter today when talking about some of the most recent happenings that’d taken place since we last spoke. I think what got him laughing the most, was being reminded how wicked my tongue can be whenever being taunted. Had I thought of it at the time, I would’ve shared something one of my bosses at a bank I worked at who announced in front of many and saying, “Mr. Chodur is one of those rare breeds whose bite is worse than his bark.” I was surprised at the time he knew me better than I would’ve suspected.

While on the phone with one of my friends who lives out of State today, we somehow got on the subject of all the various sugars that are added to just about every processed food you can think of, and believe me, I knew exactly what she was talking about because I recently did my own random checking.

Did you know that almost all processed meats have form of sugar in them? Of course anything that that’s made with flour such as bread, donuts, biscuits, crackers, and the list goes, also contain sugar. Soft drinks, candy, coated nuts, and nearly all the snacks that are branded as being “healthy”, contain sugar. Before I could go on, she interrupted me with her strong voice and said, “Do you think I didn’t know that? Why in the “yell” wouldn’t there be all the blubber bellies lumbering around in public?” Ouch. She can be quite sharp-tongued, but I still enjoy her candor.

Back when we were growing up on the farm, I distinctly remember watching my mother make bread dough, and never did I see her adding sugar to the mix. When and where did all this adding of sugar to recipes that never called for it in the past get started? We both agreed that diabetes is going to be the next major “weight” on our health care system, because just in these recent years, I’ve noticed a rise in their numbers, and especially in our younger crowd. I’m just glad that I take after one of my grandparents who was never that fond of eating things loaded-up with sugar.

When looking at a gardening catalog several days ago, I couldn’t help noticing they were selling Burdock seeds for planting and harvesting. I was glad I happened upon it because I’d nearly forgotten their roots are edible. If I should remember, I’ll have to go hunting for some before the frost and dig up their roots and try one of the recipes I found online. As much as those plants have been the scourge for farmers and gardeners here in North Iowa, they’re still highly regarded in the Orient, and especially Japan. Until reading up on them, I never knew they had so many health benefits. Isn’t it great to discover something new and useful?

Tonight’s One-liner is: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

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