Their First Strikes

I was in near shock this morning when finding the wind not blowing, but of course it had to start up this afternoon just to keep us wondering if we’ll ever have a calm day. It didn’t surprise me when seeing some people out early this morning who were watering their flowers because of how quickly the winds have been drying things out.

Nearly my entire morning was spent on getting my early-morning sale finalized and all the documents delivered to the respective parties. I was ever-so glad that my buyer decided to pull the trigger because I was afraid it would’ve been sold to another. In these times of impetuous buying, there can’t be any snoozing because you’ll likely end up losing.

One of the recent sales I happened to notice, just about had me falling off my chair when seeing how much that lip-sticked pig sold for. I’ll have to do a little digging to see who indeed purchased it because they most certainly paid far more than it was worth, and especially since I knew that rickety old house from many years ago. That was one of those structures where if the walls were able to talk, they’d have some hair-raising stories to tell.

When talking about several very old things this morning, I went a little over the edge when saying I’ve come to believe that structures, furnishings and even the ground a house sits on, over time, will have absorbed the good and or bad energy created by those who’ve lived there for a great many years, which is why I’m a true believer in house “hauntings”, and only because I’ve had enough beyond-chance experiences which couldn’t otherwise be scientifically explained. I’m not sure how well my words were received, but at least I shared my core beliefs regarding such abnormal happenings.

I dare say I was in a state of near-constant motion the entire day, which was mostly due to my showings, today’s sale, along with it being the first of the month which required some banking and accounting duties. Thinking I was going to arrive home at a decent hour, that soon went out the window because I had a last-minute request to show my new listing out on 9th St. SE, and of course since I’ve known the prospective buyer for a great number of years, we ended up visiting outside for a good twenty minutes before we both decided to save our thoughts for another day.

There was a scheduled meeting with a group of my colleagues over the lunch hour which I had to beg-off because I had appointments requiring my attention. I didn’t feel too bad about not going because there’s usually one or two who enjoy taking the floor, just to be heard and noticed. Yes, our society is growing all the more filled with loud mouths who look for attention any way they can get it. About a year ago I ended up chastising one of them for having the dirty habit of asking me a question, and before I was finished answering, there was another question posed, which in my book, tells me such people already have their own answers. I’m sure all of you have crossed paths with such characters over the years. Aren’t they the most annoying?

While showing my listing on 9th St. SE several days ago, I mentioned how little they’d have to do to the exterior because it’s all sided in aluminum, and the knee-jerk kicking back was, “Oh, that would all get ripped off and replaced.” Whenever I hear such remarks, all I can think of is how much extra money people needlessly spend on improvements. While driving back to office and thinking about that showing, what I should’ve said after that remark was, “Oh, so you’d rip it all off and then replace it with the cheapest vinyl siding Menard’s has to offer, and after it has enough holes in it from rocks being thrown by lawn mowers, along with the fading of its color, you’ll rip it all off and start all over again. Right?” Truth be told, I’m glad I kept my mouth shut.

I couldn’t help laughing when watching a video on the news where Marjorie Taylor Green was ranting on one of her daily videos to her constituents. Oh my goodness! How could anyone be that gullible? That particular area she represents, must be heavily populated with some of the most side-ways thinking people who actually believe such conspiracies. Of course when someone so intensely delivers such tripe, I guess there are such weak minds who’d fall for it.

As much as I’ve been pushing the sale of 36 S. Illinois, we still don’t have that baby under contract. We’re still getting interest in it, but no offers as of yet. Since I listed it, we’ve had two offers that didn’t come together, so perhaps the third one will be the charm. As long as our interest rates remain hovering around the five percent mark, we should continue to see buyer activity, and especially when recently hearing how the rental market has spiked. I couldn’t believe when seeing a two bedroom apartment being posted online for rent with a monthly rental price tag of $1,200 which I thought being on the insane side. If such rental prices are now the norm, then it’s no wonder we’re seeing people paying higher prices for homes.

As each day passes, I continue to pray for the victory of Ukraine over Russia, and after reading an article about the many Russian soldiers who’ve deserted or refused to fight, I’d say their morale is creating all the more problems on their battlefields. I was also happy to find our government has agreed to send more long-range precision missile systems to help the Ukrainians push those Russian troops back to their borders. I’m hoping their first strikes will be aimed at those mercenaries from the Wagner Group and Chechnya. That loud-mouthed leader of those Chechen fighters, needs to be given a one-way ticket to North Korea. I’m sure he’d fit right in with those maniacs.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The dirtiest book of all, is the expurgated book.

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