A Financial Rabbit Hole

Another windy day came and went, but today’s felt like it was cooler and more dry. Shortly after arrival at office, I changed my clothes and headed out to get the last of my weed-spraying done before the wind grew stronger. As much as I dis-like using weed killer, I felt it necessary because of the number of Queen Anne’s Lace and Deadly Nightshade I noticed growing. Because of the morning traffic, I was glad to have it done before the hour of eight.

There were a number of calls and appointments I had to get set up which kept me busy until the Noon hour. As always, I was continually catching myself whenever automatically thinking it was Monday. Even now, I’m in disbelief tomorrow will be Wednesday.

With it being the last day of the month, I had some accounting and bill-paying to get completed and then deliver those payments. I’m still wondering where the month of May went because it sure didn’t feel like May, but more like an extended April. I’m hoping we don’t have a sudden spike in daytime temps because it’ll place even more stress on the flowers and plants we’re trying to grow.

My mid-afternoon showing went well, but unfortunately my buyer wanted to sleep on it before making a decision, which I respected. The only caution I made was, “In these times, one of the most difficult things I’ve been having to do, is to tell buyers they were out-bid when involved in multiple offer situations.” I looked again today to see how many homes are actively still on the market in our MLS, and not surprised to find there were only thirty, but I can almost bet at least five or ten of them are under contract but not reported by the listing agents.

After weeks of waiting for a service person to check on an air-conditioning unit, I was called by the serviceman while on-site, telling me whomever worked on it last, didn’t tighten a cable wire which was the only reason it wouldn’t turn on. Yes, it was one more confirmation of the sloppy work we’re finding since the pandemic arrived.

Later this afternoon, I had to run out to a hardware store and have a key made for a tenant who somehow lost it while boating in Clear Lake yesterday. I was being generous by making it a one-time freebie along with a reminder that the next time it happens, there’ll be a standard charge.

While out on the west-side, I stopped to have a look at the flowers and plants Hy-Vee Drug was selling, and as chance would have it, I ran into a familiar man of the cloth. We had a good chat while strolling the lines of plants, and of course wicked me had to bring up some interesting observations I’d recently made which prompted me to say, “Well, as I was told some years ago, it’s quite evident when living out in the hinterland, where you get what you get and have to live with it.” Of course I couldn’t help saying it also goes for those who’re supposed to be steering the boat of our City and County Government bodies. Yup. You get what you get and have to live with it.

Out of the blue, I received text and photo from a dear friend whom I gifted over a year ago, the avocado tree I had in my office which I started from seed. The photo he sent was of my “baby” which is about six feet taller and standing straight as an arrow in his garden. I sent him a text back saying how thankful I am he was taking good care of it. I also asked if it was going to have avocados on it this year, and he said no because they start blooming during our northern winter months. Since he knew how old it was, he’s pretty certain it’ll have avocados on it next year, along with promising to send me at least one. Knowing him, he’ll likely send a half dozen or more.

There are a group of us wondering what’ll be the next excuse for the delay in building the “ghost” hotel in the Mall parking lot because the deadline for breaking ground was supposed to be May. Well, May came and went, so let’s see what weak excuse there’ll be this time. I can’t understand why our City Administrator doesn’t “man-up” and admit it’s over instead of dragging this charade on any longer. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Rachie is financially incapable of getting a loan when finding the loan he acquired from Clear Lake Bank and Trust, was guaranteed by the City of Mason City. My opinion regarding Rachie’s involvement with our City, is nothing less that a systematic pulling of us all down a financial rabbit hole. Every month, it’s sounding more and more like an “Alice in Wonderland” scenario.

Someone mentioned last week that one of the school districts in North Iowa is no longer making History a mandatory course, and after hearing that, I shook my head and said, “First they get rid of cursive handwriting which has been proven to improve creativity, and now History which should be fully-learned and remembered because history more often than not, repeats itself, which is why it’s even more important when confronting such repeats of cause, because there’d be opportunities to alter effects.” If what was told me, is indeed the bare truth, then we will be in the midst of a dumbing-down in America. What a shame.

I just happened to get an email from the “Downtown Mason City” group about vendors who’re wanting to sell food while the RAGBRAI riders are here. Oh my goodness! When looking at the entry fee of $600.00, a $100.00 clean-up deposit, a $50.00 electric usage charge, and then the proof of liability insurance, along with other food certifications from health departments, I’d say some “body” in our City is gonna be raking in some noticeable dough. Wow.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A great city is that which has the greatest men and women.

Joe Chodur

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