Today is the Official Beginning

If the wind hadn’t come up, I believe it would’ve been a more pleasant day, but of course when it starts blowing from the north, look out. I’m in shock every time I look at the number of potholes there are forming on our streets and highways. That stretch between Willowbook Mall and the hospital is growing more dangerous by the day.

I made sure to get to office early enough to get my spiritual exercise done before my first appointment arrived at the hour of eight. After all the docs were signed, we sat and had a good visit about the crazy comments our illustrious governor Reynolds made regarding Biden’s State of the Union Address. I didn’t read anymore than two or three lines of that garbage before I’d had enough. I have no clue who elevated her to be the mouthpiece of the right-wing section of the Republican Party because whomever did, must be in lock-step with all those other “crazies” with their conspiracy theories.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve long considered myself a centrist who has little time for anything coming out of the radical right or left. I’ve always considered most people in possession of basic common sense, but for some reason it’s worn away and replaced by delusional thoughts. I’ve said many a time, “I’ve never considered myself the brightest bulb in the auditorium, but seeing the happenings these past five years, I’d say it’s now up for debate.”

That Marjorie Taylor Green is without a doubt, the biggest nut case in Congress with her making some of the most racist remarks, along with attending alt-right meetings. Can you believe she was recently at a gathering were the attendees were shouting, “Putin” like he was Christ himself who came down from the cross. Wow. If the Republican Party doesn’t do something about censoring her more fully and completely, she’ll be attracting all the more bat-shite followers. Just looking at a photo of her today, I distinctly noticed how much more she looks like a shaved monkey with a blond wig. She even had that big mouth of biting teeth like a monkey has. I’ll wager she’s given a few good monkey bites in her day. Ouch.

Late this morning I headed over to my tax accountant with all the journal pages he needed, and after reviewing everything, we had a nice visit about recent happenings. Having used him for so many years, we both speak our minds without fear either one of us running out and telling. As we all know, real trust is something that takes years to build. Before leaving, like every year in the past, I always have to stop and tell a cute story to his secretarial pool. I was glad to have been able to give them some really good belly laughs before I left. A good laugh is the best medicine in these troubling times.

Before heading back to office, I stopped at Subway and picked up a six inch tuna submarine sandwich which I had loaded up with various veggies. Since I’d not had anything from Subway in many months, I figured it time. Well, for whatever reason, I’d say that was the best one I’ve had in well over a year, so I guess I’ll be darkening their doors more often.

My mid-afternoon appointment was with the buyers I’d shown that listing of mine several times, and the reason for being there, was to make a good an clean offer on it. Shortly after they left, I called the seller and scheduled a later appointment to go over it. Well, by the time the hour of four arrived, I managed to get that home under contract. I’m not worried a bit about their financing because I’ve worked with them in the past, so that’s all I have to do, is get all the title work done as soon as possible. You can bet I won’t be waisting a moment’s time.

I spent about an hour paying all the bills that had come in since the end of the month, and since I was free of interruption, I did manage to get them all paid and mailed out. Isn’t it amazing how quickly those new bills arrive when thinking you just paid the last ones?

Today is the official beginning of the Season of Lent, and in spite of my wanting to attend an Ash Wednesday Service, my appointment schedule wouldn’t allow for it. I have to play over at St. Paul Lutheran this coming Sunday, and all the hymns they’d given me, areLenten based. Forty more days and we’re at the gates of Easter. Can you imagine how much our weather will have changed in those 40 days? For sure I’ll be very glad to kiss winter goodbye for another season.

I did finally get a chance to catch up on the happenings in Ukraine. Without a doubt, my heart and soul goes out to those suffering people. I know we’re not to hate anyone, but it would be very easy for me despise the ground Putin walks on.

Some of the commentators are of the belief that because of Putin’s own personal agenda he has with Ukraine, this will be the end of his reign of terror. I did read where a Russian millionaire living here in the States, has offered a one million dollar reward to the person who takes him out. I know it sounds radical, but Putin has already attempted to sneak in a special forces group to assassinate President Zelinsky, but fortunately their plans were foiled. These recent happenings in Ukraine are reminiscent of sections of John’s Book of Revelation. Too creepy to even think about. When there’s nothing more we can do, our last resort is to invoke the power of prayer.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound.

Joe Chodur

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