Targeted with Sanctions

With my new morning regimen which I began on Monday, I’ve found that getting to the office just a bit earlier so I can continue on with my daily contemplative prayer session, makes for a better beginning for the rest of my day. It’s not like there’s been a huge change in the way in which I carry on with my daily routine, but rather a few little differences which haven’t gone un-noticed. Let’s just say, it’s making me a better person for it.

My morning was pretty much filled with getting my new sale file organized and then delivering all the docs to the respective parties. As much as I was expecting the weather to be more pleasant, every time I was out, that damp chill would begin entering my bones.

One of my stops, was to drop off a sympathy card for a dear soul who recently passed. She was another client who I truly enjoyed working for, and certainly missed seeing her on a regular basis. She had to go to a nursing home several years ago due to some health issues, yet I was still shocked when seeing she’d passed. We sometimes think all those dear ones are going to live forever, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.

While on the phone with a dear friend of mine today, we talked about how so many adult children of aging parents seem to find some of the weakest of excuses for not calling or personally visiting them. There’s no question I’ve seen such mindsets on the rise these recent years, which I find sadly troubling. I’m of the belief that they’ve got themselves so wrapped up in their own small circles, that those on the outside are left hanging. Believe me, I found it to be true even in my own family, and after the last parent is dead, that’s when all the guilt kicks in, and the lashing-out begins. Out of their own guilt, sprouts anger, hatred, jealousy, and fear. Unfortunately by the time the dust had settled, they’d re-written all past histories within their families, and for sure, they’ll insist they did more for their parents than anyone else. It similar to the way in which Putin’s propaganda machine is attempting to re-write the history of Russia and Ukraine.

One of my drop-ins today, was a gentleman asking if I’d help him with the calculating of interest on a loan he’d given to another, so I made copies of all the necessary information, and agreed to work on it in my spare time. It’ll actually be a fun project because it’ll be a walking down memory lane for me, all the way back when I worked in a bank’s accounting department. I’d almost forgotten how many times I would have to check the accuracy of interest calculations being generated by our computers.

I’ve been hearing some rumblings of late as to the status of that hotel Mr. Rachie was to have built years ago. I’m getting all the more suspicious of the progress because of how little we’ve been told by our City’s “Powers that Be”. All I can say, is if our City even thinks they’re going to fund the construction of that hotel, then it’ll be the time those in our quiet majority will stand up and be heard, and likely what they’ll be yelling is, “You ain’t gonna spend our money on that project, and if you do, then you’ll be fast on your way out of your positions.” After seeing how Putin so freely declared war on Ukraine without provocation, I guess just about anything goes if we allow it. But just remember, Putin made a big mistake by assuming the Ukrainians would lay down their arms and let Russia take them over, but what happened was exactly the opposite, which is why we must never make blind assumptions, and especially when it comes to the squandering of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Another one of the “ringleaders” who so selfishly promoted some pretty silly money pits we’ll be on the hook for, is slowly fading into the sunset. I always thought it interesting how the ideas of others would always be dismissed, but if they came from that person’s mind, they were the absolute best brainstorms. Sounds something like what’s been going on within Putin’s inner-circle where it’s to “yell” with the general public’s health and financial welfare, while they fill their bank accounts with billions, purchase yachts the size of small cities, and estates in the most exclusive districts of Western European cities. Yes, what happens on large scales, also happens on the small.

I was waiting to see when Alisher Usmanov was going to get targeted with sanctions, and finally the day arrived. I’d read some years about about his rise in power, and since he somehow drifted into the shadows, I’d not seen a photo of him until today. The first thought I had, was how much he’s grown to look like he could be the brother of a so-called businessman who lives here in Mason City. I actually had to do a double-take to make sure it wasn’t him. Wow. What a resemblance. I did have to laugh to myself when seeing the German port authorities seized his yacht before he was able to get it out to sea. Look him up for yourselves, and I guarantee, he’ll reminds you of someone.

Everyone keeps saying that sanctions don’t always work, but if this concerted effort by all the European governments, business entities, and multi-national corporations, the lives of the average Russians will be altered, and hopefully enough to where they’ll finally wake up and say, “Who’s really responsible for all of this?” I’m sure even Putin couldn’t tell enough lies to snake his way out of it.

I just recently heard that there’s been battling going on around one of Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plants, and if those brainless Russians cause that plant to blown, then they’ll be the first to get fried. God help us all if one of those reactors should blow. The Chernobyl disaster still remains a vivid memory of mine. Let’s keep praying.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Those who’ve conquered doubt and fear, have conquered failure.

Joe Chodur

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