Screaming the Loudest against Cancel Culture

Expecting to get some work done on my personal projects today, it all went flying out the window with various interruptions and the immediate needs of others. Oh well, just as they say, “The best laid plans of mice and men…”, was certainly true for me this gray first Saturday of December.

With having to make a quick trip up to Worth County this morning to drop something off at a customer’s home, I was in utter shock when seeing a monster Bald Eagle standing in the middle of Hwy 65, atop a road-killed small deer while being closely watched by a handful of crows. What shocked me the most, was that it didn’t fly away as I drove past.
The “kill” was on the southbound lane and when I noticed a big SUV heading its way from the north, I cringed when thinking that eagle wasn’t going to fly away and likely get pancaked. I slowed down enough, just to see what was going to happen. Thank goodness the driver slowed down enough to allow the eagle to fly off. Oh how I wish I had my camera with me because when I saw it standing there as I drove past, gave me a clear picture of the real size of those big birds. What a beauty. It wasn’t more than twenty minutes later when I was back at that same spot, and wouldn’t you know, there wasn’t much left other than some patches of hide and hair, and a great deal of blood on the pavement. All I could think, was that eagle having grabbed and flown off with parts it could carry. What a sight for sore eyes!

With about an hour to kill before my next appointment, I sat myself down and paid some additional bills that had arrived, along with starting on my end of the month accounting. As much as I wanted to get some other things done, I figured I might as well take the time and get my accounting started which will put me ahead of my usual month’s schedule.

There were some additional time slots where I managed to get some calls made to several people whom I’ve not spoken with for some days, and the two big subjects of debate were about David Rachie and his milk-a-thon of our City’s coffers, along with this nonsense regarding the changing of the name of Mason City High School’s mascot from the Mohawks to whatever they happen to come up with.

From the first time I heard of this, I thought it to be nonsensical because that’s all it’s is is a name of an American Indian tribe, instead of being something derogatory like “The Washington Redskins”. I get that because they we’re being insulting when using “redskins”, but the use of a tribe’s name shows no disrespect in my mind.

Well, from what I’ve recently heard and if I’m wrong, then the person telling me got it wrong, and that being several people in the athletic department at our high school, being the ones who got it all stirred up by contacting one of the elders of a certain Mohawk tribe. So you’re wondering why? Well from what I’ve heard, those people in the athletic department had the brainless idea that if the name of their mascot were changed, then all the past happenings with their teams would vanish once a new mascot was named. Now tell me, how silly could that thought be? If that be true, then there’s some real hypocrisy going one because those who’re screaming the loudest against cancel culture, were the ones instigating it. Another interesting footnote, was my having been told that there were other Mohawk tribes that were later contacted, and their view was completely the opposite of what was presented to the school board. I suspect there’s going to be some angry parents, students and alumni who’re going to be making their voices heard, and all I can say right now is, “Good for them.”

I had another walk-thru of an estate property this afternoon, which just so happened to be a home I sold a very many years ago, and since I’d not been in it since it had been purchased and sold several times after that, I found the floor plan had been re-arranged to the point where there’s an new bathroom in a different location, as well as a main floor laundry having been installed.

Pretty much all the updates were there, but unfortunately the tenants who’re now moving out, haven’t been the most “domestic” with their daily chores. I actually have great concerns about our young because I’m finding it to be more the rule than the exception by the way in which they maintain their living quarters. I would’ve been totally embarrassed if I were them when knowing a perfect stranger was going to be doing a full walk-thru of their home. I’m still wondering who to blame first, the children or the parents. But, as long as it’s fully cleaned, and all the little repairs made after they’re out, I’m sure there’ll be a buyer for it.

My last appointment of the day was for a buyer to do one last inspection of a home I’ve shown her more than once, and today it was more of an in-depth viewing, and especially since she had a contractor friend along to share his opinions of what she’s been looking at. He was a nice enough chap to where I couldn’t help being a little wicked with my comments regarding certain features of the home. Of course the more I can get someone to laugh, the more I keep it up. I did tell the both of them that whenever I’ve had a long day, I turn into a sometimes delightfully wicked person. I think some would refer to it as being “slap happy”. Yes, there’ve been occasions when I’ve been a wee bit too happy to where someone was ready to slap me.

If many of you “shared” my article of last evening and those people having clicked on that link I supplied regarding David Rachie’s attempts to plug another City into a money pit, there’ll be many in our community asking questions and demanding real answers.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.

Joe Chodur

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