Beating the Bushes to Find Another

With it being another Sunday morning, my first duty of the day, was to head to office and return to my darkened corner to get my contemplative spiritual exercise completed.  While in prayer, I was reminded how much it had changed since I began nearly two years ago, and definitely for the better. I would highly recommend such spiritual exercises for everyone because it really does help with getting all the temporal gunk washed out of one’s system, and since I work with many different personalities, there are always those few who leave lasting impressions which aren’t the best. But now that I’ve gone back to an old practice, I’m able to get them all placed in perspective.

While visiting with a woman today whom I’ve known for a very long time, I couldn’t help informing her that there are those who’ve done me great wrongs, but with the help of my spiritual exercises, I’ve walked completely away from them while wishing them the best, so long as they stay far and away from me. When you think about it, wouldn’t just about anyone want to have that instead of being reeled back into a circle you know will take you right back into the midst of those who enjoy eroding your self-worth? Anyone that does allow such, is just as guilty as those doing it because we’re not meant to be something other than the best we can be.

After my Sunday session was over, I stepped over to my piano and ran thru all the music I was given to play over at St. Paul Lutheran, and since I was still a bit chilled from being outdoors this morning, I had to get my fingers warmed up enough so I could play them properly.

Last Sunday I mentioned I would be bringing some gifts over to them which I’d created, so I had them boxed and ready to be taken with me, but before leaving, I went to my computer and created a sign which I would place near where I would have them laid in their downstairs meeting hall. After everything was loaded up, I headed over.

Thank goodness the church was already unlocked, so I pulled up close to their downstairs entry door and walked down with those boxes filled with their little gifts.  I went to their long counter and placed them in a conspicuous place and then put the sign in front of them. It all looked inviting, so back upstairs I headed.

We had another visiting Pastor who’s been there several times before, so I had a nice little chat with her and then climbed up into their choir loft and got myself settled at their organ. I found some appropriate Advent hymns which I played prior to the start of today’s Services.

All went much better than it did last Sunday until the moment came when one of their organ’s pipes wouldn’t close, so after I finished the hymn, I quickly turned it off. Thank goodness their piano was nearby, so I grabbed my music and seated myself down and finished the rest of their Service music on piano. Afterwards, I looked down at several of their regulars who were talking and hollered, “You organ was being naughty this morning.” One of them mentioned how happy she was that I quickly changed over to the piano instead of freaking out over it. Before I headed downstairs to have a cup of coffee, I found the pipe that was stuck and then ran thru another hymn. All is well with their organ for now, but hopefully today’s event isn’t going to be a regular happening.

When I arrived down into their social hall, I could see those little gifts were well received and many of them thanking me for sharing. It was almost a miracle when finding I brought just enough for everyone. I’m sure what I gifted will be put to good use during this Christmas Season. I truly enjoy gifting things to those who’re truly thankful.

Just after I got back to office, a text came in from the listing agent on that offer I sent over to her. I was shocked to find the sellers having only come down a pittance from their asking price which I knew was going to anger my buyer. Well, after a long visit with the buyer, I sent back another counter-offer which I thought to be a fair one, and wouldn’t you know, later this afternoon the agent called and said her sellers weren’t going to counter because we were too far apart in price. All I could say was, “I’m sure my offer was the only one you’ve had on it since it was listed, and now it looks like you’ll be beating the bushes to find another.” Thank goodness my buyer is not being emotional about that house because I know there’ll be something better coming on the market that’ll be a far better fit for her.

I was expecting to be working a good three hours on my little project this afternoon, but as chance would have it, I received a call from a buyer asking to see one of my listings this afternoon, so I called my seller and scheduled an appointment and then called them back to say we were good to go.

The showing went very well, and while there, they asked me about another listing of mine which is vacant, so I showed that one as well. Since they’re from out of town, they’re wanting to see everything that’s available in their price range, so tomorrow morning I’ll be doing so deep digging for other homes to show them. Fortunately they have a temporary place to live until they find what they want. They’re also looking in Clear Lake, but unfortunately their market is even tighter than ours, so we’ll see what comes up.

All in all, it was a good day in spite of several sellers being unreasonable with the pricing of their home. Oh well, they’ll likely more sooner than later wish they’d sold it today.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

Joe Chodur

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