A Great Deal of Statistical Extrapolation

If the wind wasn’t blowing from the northwest, I dare say it would’ve been an above-average last day of November. Over these long years of selling real estate, I dare say most of them have been months where we’d experience the slowing down of the market, and once Thanksgiving arrived, there would begin the “quiet time” of our market and not end until after New Year’s Day. Well, as we’ve been seeing all the other abnormalities in our weather, society, commerce, and human interaction, beginning about three years ago, we had no noticeable weakness in sales during that period, and truth be told, once the China-virus hit, our sales turned hot, and still there’s no signs of it letting up.

What I have been noticing, is the slow creeping up of interest rates to where they’ve risen nearly a full percent since earlier this year which is telling us that the Fed is now raising their rates in hopes that it’ll stave-off runaway inflation. Well, I think the Federal Reserve missed their queue early on, because inflation has already hit us with full force. The prices on goods and services have risen across the board, and not to mention gas prices. I personally can’t remember spending as much as I now do to fill up my vehicle with gas.

Because our so-called supply chain has been broken, companies big and small are taking advantage of it and artificially raising their prices, and for the only reason that if they can charge it and get it, then why not? I believe such practices to be terribly wrong because such such selfishness is causing that vicious circle of inflation to grow higher and wider. There were two separate projects I wanted completed before winter arrived, and because those contractors who’d given me bids on them and thought me in desperate straits, I simply said to the both of them, “Because of how high your bid is, I’ll be putting it off until Spring arrives.” I know it came as a shocker to both of them, but I still refuse to play such games. If they can take extended vacations at beachfront hotels in Mexico and drive tricked-out pickup trucks, then I’d say they’re not raising their prices to make ends meet. Shame on them.

It looks like I’ll be diligently working at getting some workers lined up on one of my listings that’s under contract, just ao we can meet the semi-retarded expectations of a so-called appraiser. If and when that does close, you can be sure I’ll be sharing some enlightening facts regarding the way in which that appraiser comes up with such non-sensical prices and subsequent work requirements. As I’ve insisted for years, what goes around comes around, because whenever someone willfully and/or ignorantly un-necessarily affects the lives of others, then it’s time for Karma to enter the scene.

For various reasons which I cannot intimate, I was forced into a confrontation with another regarding actions which I no longer found tolerable. As I was expecting, the “F bombs” began flying in my direction, but unfortunately for that person, I remained

steadfast in my decision. I’m sure my name will be passed around as being the son of Satan, but rules are rules and if people can’t abide by them, then it’s on them. Unfortunately there are too many in society who’re like toothless barking dogs that get kicked aside after discovering they have no bite. Well, as a few have come to know, I don’t bark much, but when it comes time to bite, I will. I’ve told many people over the years one fact I know about myself and that is, I work at being the nicest person you’d ever want to meet, but if intentionally crossed, there’s a very dark side of me that manifests itself. I’m of the belief that if you give fair warnings and they’re not heeded, then it’s time for the gloves to come off.

A new client arrived at office today to inform me that he’ll be listing possibly three or even four of his rentals for sale in the very near future, and tomorrow afternoon I’ll be inspecting the first. They’re all in marketable neighborhoods, so if they’re priced right, they should sell relatively quickly, and especially due to the price ranges in which they’ll be in, because if it’s true what we’ve been reading in our local newspaper regarding this housing shortage we’re seeing, then they should quickly go under contract.

One of my friends recently mentioned an unfortunate situation with one of his siblings who is hell-bent of drinking and drugging himself to death. Because I know it’s been an on-going problem that’s been taking place for years, I’m left to wonder how many others there are who’re intentionally working at taking themselves out. No matter what anyone says or thinks, such willful actions in my book is nothing less than a form of suicide, and especially when knowing they’ve gone thru more than one “spin-dries” and still going back to their old ways. I’m beginning to consider how many of those re-habilitation programs really work in the long run. They go on and on about their successes, but nobody hears about their real failures. I think there’s a great deal of statistical extrapolation going on when submitting their numbers to their governing bodies.

I had a late afternoon appointment to list a home today, but when I arrived, the sellers were still working hard at getting the finishing touches done, so about all I did while there, was take notes for my file and talk about pricing and marketing. In spite of our being in the “slow time”, it won’t surprise me if we have multiple offers on it because it’ll be that clean and ready to go. The improvements they’ve made are in the realm of “wow”. Do watch for it coming on the market in a couple of days. After seeing the photos, I’m sure you’ll agree.

When talking about the up-hill battle many of us have found ourselves in over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion they were all meant to be, and meant as good life-lessons which are to be used as guides for our own personal growth and development.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The poet speaks to all humankind of that other life of theirs which they’ve smothered and forgotten.

Joe Chodur

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