The Great American Experiment

I was exceptionally happy to see it had rained in the night instead of snow, and for sure, our soil’s in need of a good soaking or two before hard winter arrives. I was happy to see it over before I headed to work because I had to stop at a car wash and get a quick wash before heading to work.

Not long after I arrived at office, the phones began ringing which came as a bit of surprise because most of the time, the general public waits until the hour of eight. While driving in I was thinking about what I was going to do with my free time since I only had one appointment out of office, but that quickly changed one the phone calls started.

My first early appointment, was to meet a buyer at one of my listings for a first viewing. It went well, but I’m pretty sure she’s got her sights set higher on something more expensive. Since I’ve been showing her enough homes, along with having known her long enough, I was quick to remind her that even though her banker has been telling her she can go higher in price and still be approved for a loan, the cost of living has been climbing on what seems to be on a monthly basis, which prompted me to encourage her to keep her house payment in a comfort zone. I’m still wondering what some of these buyers who’ve been purchasing these lipsticked pigs are going to do when we have a market correction and they discover they’re very much upside-down with their mortgages. When such low downpayment homeowners discover they are indeed upside-down, it’ll give them all the more reason to had their keys back to their banks and never look back. It happened during the Savings and Loan Crisis and the 2008 Mortgage Crisis, so don’t think I’m not already seeing those tell-tale signs of a correction. Oh how much I’m gonna hate going thru that again.

My next quick stop was over at St. Paul Lutheran where I had to run upstairs and pick out which piece of Service music they normally sing on occasion. Because it had been so long since I played it, I had to run thru both of them on the organ before I could safely say which one it was. I then marched down to their office and informed their secretary which one it was so it could be published.

Another stop I had to make, was at a funeral home where I dropped off a sympathy card addressed to a family I’ve known for a very long time. I actually went to school with one of their children, but haven’t seen her since she flew the coop so very many years ago. I did run into a few familiar faces while there, so I did stop and visit a little before heading out. There always seem to be more deaths around the holidays which I’m still not understanding.

Another one of today’s calls was from the son of another who recently passed away who was asking if I’d be so good to take a look at his parent’s house and give an estimate of value on it, just so he could forward it on to the probate attorney. I agreed, so tomorrow morning I’ll be poking around in another home I’ve not been in. He didn’t say if they were going to list it, but I will be sure to ask tomorrow. It seems more and more beneficiaries are keeping those estate homes in their families because I’ve encountered it far more times this year than normally.

Just after lunch, I headed out to get a price reduction on my listing at 1602 N. Pennsylvania. It’s another estate that needs to be settled, so with another drop in price, it should attract more buyers. It’s definitely now in an affordable price range for first-time buyers. I had to list it as a two bedroom, but could easily be turned back into a three by re-installing a wall that was taken out to make the living room bigger. I have no clue why it was done a number of years ago because its original living room was plenty big to begin with. What I like about it most, is the heated breezeway and attached two car garage. Put the word out if you can.

Believe it or not, I had another appointment to look at a home belonging to an estate which was recently opened. There was a tenant living there who was more than accommodating by allowing me to inspect it on a short notice. While there, I made a number of notes and then headed back to office and started searching for comparable recent sales, and fortunately I found four good ones which made me comfortable enough to call the executor and give my opinion of price. I hope to hear back soon because I’m sure that home will sell considering the neighborhood it’s in.

Since I was in the general area of where another sale out of my past is located, I did a slow drive-by while rubber-necking the property. Just as I’d suspected at the time, that new owner has done little or nothing to keep it looking as smart as it was when we closed on it. I very much hate it when having a feeling about someone’s mindset from the get-go, and then it being confirmed shortly afterwards. I guess keeping the exterior of a home’s appearance up to par, just isn’t some homeowners’ cup of tea. While in that area, I also happened to notice a house I spoke about months ago which was purchased by a first-time buyer, now looking even worse than it did last time I was on that street. I’m sure the neighbors are not liking the looks of it one bit, and since it’s located on a corner, all the more junk can be seen. That was another buyer I suspected not having a fiber of pride in homeownership in his body.

Since I wasn’t able to read any news this morning, I took a few minutes and went online where I found a very good article which I’m attaching that was written by a guest writer for newspapers here in Iowa. I considered it well written enough to share the link. The author certainly knows how to lay it all out there. Good for him.

Corbin: The `Great American Experiment’ is in peril

Tonight’s One-liner is: I can sometimes be an unpopular eel in a pool of catfish.

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