The Cure for a Sore Spirit

My goodness! When is this wind going to stop blowing? I can’t remember which Western State it is that’s considered the windiest, but after these many days of annoying wind, I think the climatologists had better take another look at the number of windy days we experience on a yearly basis. This climate change is likely the culprit which comes as no surprise because the changing of weather patters creates a domino effect, and since we’re on a virgin voyage, we unfortunately don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Soon after I arrived at office, I settled into my Sunday morning contemplative prayer routine. Each and every time I walk out of my darkened corner, I’m exceptionally thankful for getting myself back into a regimen I’d been plugged into a number of years ago, and all because of the China-virus. Now you see, from bad things come good things as long as we reach for them.

I received something quite annoying in the mail yesterday which prompted me to place several calls to two dear ones and share my thoughts about it all. I asked if they’d like me to scan and email it to them, and both of them were in agreement, so I went ahead and emailed it off. Since I don’t think it appropriate to share where it came from or what was contained, all I can say is, there are people who’re so far out of the loop with our real world to where they’re likely still going about their daily lives with mindsets you’d find in the 1950’s or 60’s.

While visiting with one of them, I got back up on my soapbox and re-affirmed my belief that any time a person is pressured or shamed into giving, it does absolutely no good either spiritually or mentally for the giver. I’ll continue to insist that the only time giving is truly beneficial for one’s mind and spirit, is when you choose to give freely and willingly to the point of it hurting. But the real challenge, is knowing you’ll not be consciously or sub-consciously be expecting any future material gain or public recognition. I am so much a believe in this concept that I’m willing to take on anyone in debate over it being otherwise.

Before heading over to St. Paul Lutheran, I sat down at my office piano and ran thru what I was to play for them, and glad I did because when I got there, I was interrupted enough to where I couldn’t get thru them all, and ever-glad I took the initiative to get my fingers limbered-up before my arrival.

I can’t begin to share the absolutely wonderful religious experience I had over at St. Paul Lutheran this morning, and it all started while visiting with their first-time visiting Pastor by the name of Keith Tomlinson who hailed from Waverly. He’s now retired, but continues to fill in when needed twice a month. It’s been years and years since I’ve come across a man of the cloth who fully understands what it takes to be a true shepherd of a religious flock.

His sermon was given as they should be where he just glanced at his notes, shared a personal story which tied into the Gospel reading, along with a very clean and clear delivery where I could hear him perfectly while seated in the gallery. Afterwards, I began to wonder if my playing for them today reached a higher level because of his presence. He’s also very familiar with chant which was confirmed today. I had to smile to myself when watching him below because his physical frame not only appeared on the order of a monk, but also the vestments he was wearing helped to accentuate the look.

Because I had to go back to their office and make copies of unfamiliar hymns for next Sunday, I managed to catch up with him and share me thoughts about his great ability. I insisted he come on a regular basis, but of course he said he only preaches two times a month. My come back was, “Well, starting next month, I’ll be playing every other week, so you can schedule those dates” He must’ve thought me kidding, but not. His sermon was so well delivered, I even made note of two lines out of it, and one of them was, “The cure for a sore Spirit is to soak it in thanksgiving.” The other one I am using below as tonight’s one-liner. Oh how wonderful it was for me to have the opportunity to listen to him which ended up being the highlight of my day.

I decided to go downstairs and have a cup of java, and while there, some of the ladies and gents mentioned how well I played. I thanked them, but almost added how it likely happened because I was inspired by Pastor Tomlinson. I did sit at the men’s table and when asked about a previous neighbor of mine, yours truly had them captivated by my telling a few stories regarding the happenings of a very many years ago. Too funny.

Before heading back to office, I decided to take a long drive around North Iowa since it was still cold and very windy outdoors, and the only reason being, was to load my camera up with some photos of our countryside. I managed to get some good shots, but was also a bit disappointed when seeing how poorly some acreage owners take care of their homes, buildings and dooryards. More than once I thought to myself while driving by them, “If I had to come home to this, I wouldn’t.” Yes, that’s how bad some of them were which made me a little sad and angry because back when I was young, most working farms were kept neat and tidy. So much for pride in ownership.

When I got back to office, I changed my clothes and went working outdoors for several hours until I’d had enough of the wind. When that darned wind blows so hard, it actually manages to turn corners and blow from the opposite direction. I think we’ve had enough. Don’t you?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Complaining can’t thrive where gratitude grows.

Joe Chodur

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