She Continued to Remain Resolute

As I expected, today was one of those yo-yo days were I was continually working at something associated with the five files which we’ve had scheduled to close this week. Fortunately we managed to get two of the five closed today, and there’ll be two more tomorrow, and the last one being on Wednesday which got us under the wire of Thanksgiving and the following three day weekend most will have off. Yes, it’s been quite some time since our office has been stacked with that many in such a short period, but so far, they’ve been falling into place.

What absolutely amazed me at times, is how so many sellers wait until the last days before they get themselves packed and readied to be moved, because I know if it were me being the one moving, I’d be packed and ready to go long before the moving van would arrive. I never have, and never will be a fan of waiting until I’m in the midst of a critical time crunch.

As much as I would’ve liked to have had a showing on a property today, I’m actually glad I didn’t have to squeeze one into my schedule, so hopefully I’ll get something sold this weekend and maybe even before. For a number of years, it’s not been uncommon for me to sell something on or around Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s. There happened to be one year I sold something on every major Holiday which meant something good must’ve taken place in my “star alignment” that year.

I met with a title attorney today who was assigned the title work on another office sale, and since I don’t catch up with him that often, we had a nice chat regarding the recent happenings in our market, as well as the directions it’ll be taking this coming year. I’m still convinced there’s a quiet in-land migration taking place from the Southern and Western States, as well as our large metro areas.

The first closing I had which was with a credit union from the Des Moines area, somehow managed to short the check of the commission due our office, and what really irked me, was my having called them and ask if I was to issue them a check for the buyer’s earnest money, which I did at their request. Well, when I looked at the check, I noticed it was short the amount of the earnest. After a few phone calls, I was told they’d decided to make their adjustment on the commission due. Of course as many who make such mistakes, think it’s nothing to be bothered about, when in truth that meant I had to void the check I wrote and then make new accounting entries in my journals. Too many cooks do spoil the soup.

After my closings tomorrow, I’m going to go check on several of my vacant homes to see if the sellers are following thru with the improvements I’ve asked them to do, and if there’s no sign of progress, I’ll be on the phone again. I can’t stress enough how important it is for sellers to get their homes presentable to the standards most of today’s buyers are demanding. Some of my recent closings have established that fact because those that weren’t in move-in condition, sold for markedly less than similar properties which’d been lip-sticked.

Just recently I’ve been noticing even more agents having wide-angle photos taken of their listings which I can’t even stomach looking at, but for some reason, there are buyers out there that get those distorted images burned into their brains even after they’ve had personal viewings. As far as I’m concerned, it’s nothing less than a gross misrepresentation of a home which is on the borderline of being unethical. I do hope our Real Estate Commission sends down some new rulings regarding it, and soon.

The home that I’m closing on tomorrow, is situated on a very large lot right here in our City limits, and you can be sure I’ll be mentioning to the buyer how fun it would be to have a big garden, a small chicken house, and maybe even a rabbit hutch or two. I’m not sure if there’d be room for a pony, but whatever’s possible, I’d be doing it. There’s no question the buyers’ children are going to feel as though they’ve moved to an acreage and taking advantage of all that space in which they can roam. Most think an acre is not that big, but when you have to mow it, it’s real size becomes evident during the first mowing. I’ll be wishing them many happy years while creating life-long memories.

While visiting with one of my sellers today, we somehow got on the subject of the temperaments of musicians, and especially those who’re keyboardists. I shared a story how innocently I responded to a older lady while walking out of church who’d complemented me on the song-leading I’d done, and my response being, “Well, you can thank so and so for playing the organ because she always manages to bring out the best in me.” No sooner than I said it, there stood behind me one of the other organists who began vocally chastising me for saying such a thing. I was near speechless at the time by how gusty it was to say such things in front of one of that church’s members.

After all these years, that particular organist/pianist has been grinding an axe for me ever since, and in spite my many attempts to bridge the gap, she continued to remain resolute in the way in which she treated me until one day I finally gave up and sent it all out into the universe for the “Powers That Be” to deal with it.

Can you imagine someone harboring such ill will towards another over an innocent but truthful comment? Even back that many years, there were tribal mentalities in that church, and even more so in these times. I can’t imagine how many good members of that community of faith have walked away from that hierarchy of insiders. I just heard recently they’re continuing to lose paying members year-over-year. Oh well, they did it to themselves.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Living never wore out so much as the effort not to live.

Joe Chodur

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