On Its Way to being Fully Eradicated

Slowly but surely, the nights are closing in on our first frost, an if I’m not mistaken, we’ll be down in the 30’s either tonight or tomorrow night. Most people don’t realize that the coldest time of the night, is just before daybreak which makes sense. At least we had sun all day today which offered more picturesque views of our City and countryside. As chance would have it, I was called up to Northwood this morning which was yet another treat when looking at all the farming activities. Yes, our fields will soon be bare.

It was a rough and tumble day at the office with changing burned-out light bulbs in the ceiling which requires a very tall step ladder that’s been a part of Holtz Realty since our old office was at 409 N. Federal. When we moved from there over to 32 – 2nd St. NE a number of years ago, we made sure to bring it with us, just in case it would be of use, which I’m glad we did. It always makes me a bit nervous whenever climbing that high, but likely because I’m not having to be on it that often. I’m just glad both of those bulbs went out at the same time because I don’t like having to deal with getting that ladder out of storage. You can bet I always buy the longest lasting bulbs to be had, just so I don’t have be changing them so often.

Having received a call from a potential seller who was wanting me to take some photos of the exterior of a home, I agreed to do it, and when I got there, one of the neighbors was standing outside, and when he saw me snapping those photos, he walked over and proceeded to tell me the whole story about it. Yes, we are very much a tribal village where if someone doesn’t know the whole story about their neighbors, they take it upon themselves to fill in the gaps. If I hadn’t insisted I was going be late for another appointment, I’d still be listening to all the neighborhood gossip. Too funny.

Just when I thought I’d have time to mow the back of my office, I received an email containing an offer on one of my listings, so that thought was quickly dismissed. After printing it out, I reviewed it and then did a quick estimate of what the sellers’ proceeds would be. After my second attempt, I did manage to get in touch with them and not fifteen minutes later, I was seated at their dining room table and going over every detail of the offer.

Because they didn’t want to look at any homes until they had an offer on the table, I scheduled their first showing for later this afternoon, which went pretty well, but they still may want to look at as many as possible before they make their decision. At least we’re close to being past first base. I’ve worked in the past with the agent who submitted it, and have thus far not had any issues, which is a good thing because whenever I’ve been intentionally mis-informed of facts, it’s a never forget for me.

I’ve already got appointments scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully all of them will be productive because it’ll certainly help to make up for those toxic days I endured last week, but I’ve continued to remind myself that it was a good lesson learned and not to happen again anytime in the near future. When doing business with the general public, it’s greatly unappreciated when you find that at the end of the day, you’ve been toyed with. Definitely not cool.

Late this afternoon I happened to notice what appeared to be the husband sucking on cigarillo, the wife walking a ankle biter, and a teenage son roller-blading. What struck me the most, was both the wife and son more interested in what was happening on their smart phones, instead of enjoying their outing together. To think they couldn’t even close those phones while they were supposed to be enjoying their time together. That was one more reminder for me of how humans are purposely distancing themselves from real world, along with their close relations.

For some reason or other, I decided to stop at the Casey’s in Manly while on my way back from Northwood, just to grab a half cup of coffee. When I walked in, I noticed their coffee machines were changed-out to completely automated ones, and since I’d not used them before, I had to ask one of the workers how to get coffee out of them. The young worker was good enough to help me, and while standing there I said, “You know Steve Hawkins mentioned before he died that if the human race is to no longer exist, it will be artificial intelligence’s making.” Believe it our not, he’d also heard of it, and similarly troubled by it. Before he walked away I added, “Perhaps that’s why I’ll never fully embrace computerization because I’ll always be looking for ways to keep my reliance on computers at a minimum.

Since I have to answer every phone call that comes into my office or cell phone, I’ve recently learned to never say “hello” twice because if I do, that’s when artificial intelligence kicks in. What I’ve also found, is if I wait long enough after my one and only “hello”, there’s a slight blip on the phone, and then I can hear Eastern music being played in the background. Those poor devils aren’t able to even get their own “hello” in before I hang up on them. I can only imagine what a monotonous job that must be for them day in and day out.

When I checked on my little saucer of peanut butter and boric acid today, I found myself still in shock by how much of that they’ve carried away. When I started, there was a heaping cup of peanut butter used, and by the looks of it, they’ve removed at least three quarters of it. I quit counting how many times I’ve swept up dead ants in my basement, but for sure, that monster colony is well on its way to being fully eradicated. I’d roughly guess there were at least 5,000 or more of them that’ve given up their ghosts.

Tonight’s One-liner is: No man ever achieved worthwhile success who did not, at one time or other, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of failure.

Joe Chodur

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