They Internally know their Days are Numbered

It seems this cooler weather has brought about a bit of a slowdown in our market these past several days for certain price ranges, and hopefully once everyone has accustomed themselves to it, it’ll be back up to where it was. Fortunately there were two office listings that went under contract today, which means I’ll be out beating the bushes for new listings for this last quarter of our market year. For most Realtors, our last quarter is usually the slowest, but for whatever reason, it has nearly always been a good one for me over these long years.

My first appointment for the day was to meet with some sellers to talk about the activity we’ve had on their home, as well as some prospective buyers which’ve been circling recently. I’m going to remain hopeful they’ll be making good offer because it’s time for them to move into something that’ll more fully suit their needs.

Having a quiet early morning, I figured it best to take the time and send an email to a dear friend who lives out East, just to give her and update on the happenings in North Iowa. Of course I had to share several of my recent disappointments, as well as talk about the bountiful harvest I’ve been getting out of my garden. We’ve shared many joys and sorrows over the years which is likely why we continue to remain in contact. Sometimes I consider the emails I send to be more akin to a sounding board for a willing ear.

I stopped over to 207 N. Hampshire just to check and make sure its lawn was mowed, and sure enough it wasn’t, so I guess I’ll be placing a call to the owner tomorrow. I was told it was to have been mowed several days ago. Another agent had an appointment to show it late this afternoon, so hopefully something will come of it. I anyone has a thing for enclosed front porches, that’s the perfect candidate.

When the wind changed directions and the clouds dispersed, it turned out to be another fine afternoon. If only the wind speed wasn’t so great, it would’ve been near-perfect. I checked on our extended forecast, and it looks like we’ll not be seeing our overnight temps any lower than 39 degrees this coming week, but of course they don’t consider it’s always colder in the lowlands, but I don’t think it’ll drop down to freezing.

One of my clients asked yesterday if I’d help him get an appliance loaded onto his pickup truck today and since I agreed, we set a time for late morning which was a good thing because just after I changed my clothes and headed out, the rain stopped. It didn’t take long to get it loaded, and then unloaded at another location. Today’s two-man project was a classic example of my favorite saying, “Many hands make little work.” It’s amazing how terribly thankful some people are when simply offering a helping hand. At least we still have those in our midst who’re not all about themselves.

I’m just now beginning to help a young man find a cheap fixer-upper, and since he’s worked construction for a number of years, he’d rather buy something in need of work so he can build up his own sweat equity. I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “In these times, you’re a dying breed.” With him in mind, I did drive past a home this afternoon which is desperately in need of work, but the price the owner’s asking, is way out of line because just in the drive-by, I could see thousands spent on just the exterior.

While out, I stopped to check on some concrete work being done at a property, and it looked as if it was coming along nicely, and if this weather holds out, it’ll be done before any over-night frosts hit. Every time I think of pouring concrete so late in the year, the thoughts of a major concrete project I personally managed to get finished two days before Thanksgiving hit, would come to mind. That was one worrisome project, but I did get it done, and to this day, it’s still looking good. Oh and by the way, back in those days, we didn’t call a concrete company to come and deliver because it was all done with a motorized mixer, a strong back and a big dose of determination. Of course another big “pour” I did at another property, would’ve lasted just as long if the person living there wouldn’t have used salt to melt the snow and ice. People have no idea what salt will do in a very short period of time to concrete. Once again, you can’t fix stupid.

With about a half hour to kill, I ran thru the music pieces I was given for this coming Sunday’s Worship Service over at St. Paul Lutheran. Of course there always has to be one that’s a little more difficult, so the bulk of my time was spent working on that piece. The accompaniment has just a few too many “extras” which I’ll have to cut out because they sometimes muddy the song line to where the congregation has trouble following along.

When paging thru the online news last night, I was shocked when reading how the natural gas prices have spiked in the European Union, and some believe Russia is behind those staggering price hikes and supposed limited quantities. He reminds me of a sneaky little dog who’ll go after your heels once your back is turned. Once upon a time we had such a dog, and more sooner than later, be became a fleeting memory.

While out on appointment today, I happened to notice the flowers belonging to a homeowner, and since she was outside, I couldn’t help saying, “The vivid colors of your flowers are stunning.” She smiled and said, “Yes, I totally agree.” I’m of the believe that most of them offer up the greatest of their beauty because they internally know their days are numbered. While you’re out tomorrow, see for yourselves how those blooming plants are near-glowing with vibrant shades.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.

Joe Chodur

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