He Couldn’t Remember where he Lived

Once again I’m in disbelief our Downtown temperature exceeded 92 degrees today, and to think it’s the 27th of September. Being very familiar with this date from many years past, I dare say there wasn’t one of those 27th days of September that were this hot. After today’s experience, there’s no question we are deep in the midst of global warming.

What I’ve found most interesting, is how cool our mornings are, but as soon as the sun breaks the horizon, it’s turns into a fast track towards another hot day. It sort of reminds me of inland Southern California where the days a scorching hot, but as soon as the sun goes down, it rapidly turns cool which is why most people don’t have central air out there because their nights are noticeably cooler than our summer nights.

I was quite shocked over my not having much if any aches or pains from this weekend’s workout, which has lead me to believe my muscles have become toned enough to take on just about any physically strenuous weekend. I hope it continues because I have many projects yet to get finished.

Most of my morning was spent working on files and setting appointments up for buyers and other Realtors wanting to show a number of my office’s listings. I also managed to find the time to give a dear friend of mine a call, just to see how she was doing, as well as bringing her up to speed regarding additional happenings which had taken place since our last visit. We’ve both come to the conclusion that karma is going to be catching up with a handful of people who’ve been doing very nasty things to others which were bordering on maniacal.

Normally I attempt to find goodness in all, but when a person is consumed by hatred and jealousy, there’s no redeeming qualities to be found because those two mindsets create the most toxic poisoning of a person’s character. After enough years have passed, I’ll be sure to start sharing those many episodes with you, and when I do, please be assured they’ll not be doctored up in a fictitious manner. I did mention to one of my dear friends some months ago my inability to write novel about them because those very real things that happened, would be considered too bizarre for our general public’s taste.

There were two offers that came in on 1520 S. Carolina today, and as chance would have it, we managed to get it sold which leaves my office with one last home to be sold out of that estate, and that being 240 – 7th St. SE which I believe should’ve been sold right out of the gates. Thank goodness the executor has now agreed to fix broken windows, remove the carpeting to expose its oak floors, and do a little more cleaning up so I can get back out there to take new photos. From the first time I walked into that home, I was smitten by its floor plan, and especially the kitchen staircase leading to the second floor. The huge lot that home sits on, would be a great place to build a three stall garage off the alley. Oh well, there’ll be a foresighted buyer who’ll come along and hopefully snatch it up more sooner than later.

My afternoon appointment was a showing of my last remaining condominium over at Prairie Place on 1st to the most delightful gentleman. I’d crossed paths with today’s buyer a number of years ago, and was glad he decided to call me instead of one of my competitors. The showing went well, and afterwards he asked if I’d give his residence a good looking over this afternoon, and that’s exactly what I did.

After I got a good look at his home, I was pretty positive it would likely sell right out of the gates, and for far more than he initially thought it was worth. There are many unique features about it which will draw all the more buyers, and especially considering how well-built it is. I’ll be doing some deep market research tomorrow morning on it and then give him a call. I’m sure he’ll be delightfully surprised.

On a positive note regarding this weather we’ve been having, I’m remaining positive my tomatoes and peppers will be completely ripened before we get our first frost. The number of hot peppers that managed to make it to maturity, are the largest I’ve ever had, so it looks like I won’t have to be planting any for a good three years unless I decide to start selling it. I dare say there’ve not been one person I’ve shared those ground hot peppers with that didn’t care for them. Because I’ve continued to save the seeds year over year, they’ve not been polluted by other peppers because I always grow them far enough away from the sweet peppers.

I received a call today from a concerned citizen regarding a possible squatter in a property, and you can be sure I moved like greased lightening when heading out to investigate. Fortunately all was well, so I called the concerned party and thanked her for alerting me. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Just this afternoon a client of mine who was sitting in his car outside my office and waiting for his appointment time to arrive, told me there was a young man at his car window begging for money because he couldn’t remember where he lived and had nothing to eat. My client then called my office pretending to be the police, and wouldn’t you know, that little devil suddenly said he remembered where he lived and off her ran. Now that was a first. Please don’t tell me we’re going to start finding panhandlers on the street corners of our Downtown, because if we do, we might as well be living and working in Downtown Los Angeles.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s a certain amount of dis-satisfaction that goes with knowing your time, talents and abilities are not being properly used.

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