I Dug them Instead of Cutting

Without a doubt, this was one of the hottest days of the last week of September I can remember. When I looked at the thermometer around three, I was in near shock it was registering 88 degrees. It’s no wonder I was sweating like a butcher most of the afternoon.

With it being another Sunday, I hurried to office in darkness to get my contemplative spiritual exercise done before heading over to St. Paul Lutheran and play for their Services. This morning’s drive into our Downtown was beyond creepy when finding so many walkers with their backpacks on and staggering around like they were still on some sort of high. I actually had to slow way down while driving on Hwy 65 north in the Downtown because there were three of them jaywalking and completely mindless they were crossing a main highway. There’s no doubt in my mind, this drug problem in our City is growing towards epidemic proportions. I can only imagine what the other metro areas of our State and Country are dealing with because it appears to be everywhere.

In a stern voice, one of my customers mentioned several days ago how she’s of a firm belief that Mother Nature has had more than enough of the destruction of our natural world to the point she’s just allowing the cards to fall where they may which will likely bring our world to the near-extinction of the human race, but as it’s been hundreds of thousands of years ago, whenever there’s been a natural disaster of global proportions, the blessings of Mother Nature always seemed to bring our earth back into balance. I couldn’t help adding a footnote by saying, if you’ve never watched the movie “Idiocracy”, make sure you do because our developed countries seem to be moving in that direction, and especially our own Country.

St. Paul Lutheran had a visiting pastor today who hailed from Albert Lea, and since I’d not met him, I did a little research on him several days ago, just to get a feel for his style. I was delighted as well as humbled by three letters he wrote for the Albert Lea newspaper which I considered very well written. When I was introduced to him today, I made a point to tell him how much I was impressed by his writings. It didn’t surprise me a bit when finding today’s sermon also very well given. Of all the religious ministers of various faiths I’ve listened to over these past five years, there’s no question in my mind, his being the best thus far. I was happy to hear he’ll be visiting again in October. Now that Pastor Mutters has resigned from both St. Paul and Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if I should hear those two communities of faith sharing one pastor this time around. I didn’t realize how long and drawn out the hiring of a pastor is in some denominations, but all I’m hoping for, is one similar to today’s guest who has the capacity to give a good sermon and comfortably lead song. I know I’m sounding a bit sharp when saying Pastor Mutters was lacking in both areas.

As I was walking down from the choir loft, several of the congregants walked up to me and thanked me for the wonderful music this morning. I couldn’t help saying that it was because I can now see the music since I just this morning installed an honest to goodness piano/organ light which enabled me to see their music more clearly. If they get their organ tuned, along with some other much needed repairs, I’ll be purchasing one for their organ as well. I’ve learned long ago, that instead of begging for some little thing to be done that would make everyone’s life better, I just go ahead and buy whatever’s needed and move forward because asking for something most don’t fully understand, it’s best to keep quiet and buy it. I’m still a little disgusted with myself for not buying one several months ago when it first came to mind.

The mid-morning pre-listing appointment I had, was cancelled late last night because my seller came down with a fever accompanied by chills, which opened up the rest of my morning and afternoon for my own little outdoor projects. When I got back to office, I responded to several text messages from other Realtors, and then changed into my garden clothes and headed out.

Most of those four hours, were spent on weeding and pulling volunteer trees that were growing nearly everywhere. I always have to laugh whenever I see City workers cutting those volunteer trees in our Downtown flower beds when knowing they’ll be right back next Spring with a vengeance. One morning several weeks ago, I spent about an hour ridding the flower bed outside my office of the many volunteer trees, and you can bet I dug them out instead of cutting them off. At least I won’t be watching them sprouting once again next Spring.

Several days ago when out on an acreage appointment, I was shocked to see how County workers had over-sprayed the ditches to the point where it had affected trees and shrubs on various homesteads property. All I could think of was their being mindless at the time and likely spraying when the wind was blowing. If I were one of the owners of those homesites, I would’ve been on the phone and ripping some faces off. It’s no wonder some farmstead owners have signs with bold letters attached to their fences reading, “No Spraying”. Just as I see in our City, and now in our Counties, there’s a lot of this “blind leading the blind” going on. One of my old relatives used to spout off a comment when seeing such stupidity by say, “The don’t even know sic’em let alone come’er.”

After getting a good soaking of sweat, I quite my garden and yard duties and went a-mowing for a good hour. For being a day of rest, I’d say I put in more than a normal eight hour work day. There’s no question I’ll be sleeping like a baby tonight.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Goals enable you to do more for yourself as well as others.

Joe Chodur

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