It’s Pickling Time Again

Pretty much the bulk of my day was spent on follow-up calls, meeting tradespeople, and showing a rental, and in between all of that, was my tending to those little office chores that always get pushed back until there’s nothing remaining that’s more pressing. I even went to the extent of giving my office refrigerator a good cleaning which is about a twice a year job since I really don’t keep enough things in it to make it dirty.

I had an appointment over in Clear Lake at my listing which was for the buyers to meet a carpet installer to measure up some rooms that they’ll be getting carpeted soon after it closes. Not knowing the seller was going to be there, it was a surprise for all of us when finding him busy packing and loading his trailer. I was glad they did meet because it’s always good to put faces and voices to the names on a contract.

Without eavesdropping, I happened to hear one of the buyers asking the seller if he’d had any supernatural experiences in the home while he lived there, which he said “No”. Wicked me couldn’t help myself by asking, “So, you’ve likely had an experience or two?” He sheepishly acknowledged, so I did manage to finally pry out of him what had happened. His tale was short and sweet, but still beyond any logical explanation which happened to take place in a 100 year old house in another State. From what I gathered, he was alone at night in an upstairs bedroom, and suddenly the bedroom door opened and immediately thereafter, a set of mini-blinds pulled themselves all the way open, which frightened him so much, he likely never entered the room again. Since I could tell he didn’t want to talk about it, all I could say was, “The first experiences are always the most shocking.”

While walking to our cars I asked he and his wife, “Would you like to hear my story about my experience with a poltergeist?” I figured they would want to hear it, so we stood at the curb while I narrated my story from likely 25 years ago which took place in a very old country home. I’m sure I’ve shared my story with you before, so I won’t go into detail, but with their having heard the gospel truth from my mouth, I could tell the husband was moved by it. The wife mentioned he’ll likely have a nightmare over it, which I’d already warned them before I began.

I went on to share my thoughts about the “entities” which are attached to various places and things, along with stating that since I’ve had so many brushes with them in the past, it doesn’t take me long to sense something not being right in a given home. It doesn’t happen as often as most would think, but when it does, my radar goes into high gear.

Unless you happen to have a very naughty poltergeist, I’m of the belief that if you leave them alone, they’ll not bother you unless there’s something you’re doing they’re not of the liking. I did mention to the buyers that our real estate laws in Iowa still do not require homeowners to disclose if they’ve had supernatural happenings. I know there are a number of States that do, but not Iowa. Sometimes I think it would be good if they did, but other times I think it also depends on the sensitivities of the owners to where one occupant wouldn’t see or sense anything, while another would get a full experience.

Just after I finished my little lunch, a sweet little old lady I know, called to ask if I knew of anyone who’d come and remove a branch that fell in her yard several days ago. I had her describe it, and seeing in my mind how small it likely was, I abruptly said, “I’ve got time now, so I’ll head over and get it out of your yard.”

When I pulled up behind her garage, she was already there with one of the overhead doors up. I walked around the garage, and there lay a relatively small branch which I was able to drag around to her driveway. I asked for the hedge clipper I saw hanging there, and after about ten minutes, I had it all reduced to a pile of green and brown which she could have her yard guy put in a yard waste bag and set out to her curb when the garbage went. She was exceptionally thankful which I appreciated, but also realized how many others like her, are being held hostage by the limitations of their age. She announced today that she’s 93 years old which came as a big surprise. I teasingly said, “You shouldn’t be telling your age because you don’t look a day over 80. It was actually refreshing when knowing she’s that old, has all her marbles, still drives, and continues to live in her own home. Good for her.

It’s pickling time again, and tonight’s photo represents one of the many jars I’ll likely have canned before our first frost. I developed an ingenious planting method which is producing a bumper crop of them. It’s funny I never thought of it before, but you can be sure it’ll be yearly happening when growing cucumbers, watermelons, muskmelons or pumpkins.

I’ll be switching from one dill pickle recipe to another, just so I’ll know which one is the best for future reference. I’ve always liked homegrown and canned pickles, but most years they didn’t do well enough to provide the numbers I needed. Another reason I prefer home canned ones, is they don’t contain all those un-necessary ingredients we find on the shelves of groceterias.

I was checking my office email many times today, in hopes I would be seeing one from an attorney who’s working on a child support issue. I’ll wait until Monday has passed, and if I still don’t have it, I’ll be forced to place a call to that attorney’s office. I really don’t like such issues to be lingering any longer than possible.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To make any endeavor truly successful, integrity, inspiration, and insight are its integral components.

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