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It was another early morning for yours truly due to a few stops I needed to make before heading to office, and one of them was to get a fill-up at my favorite gas station. With all the out of town driving I’d been doing of late, I’ve been having to stop more than once a week. The recent increase in our gas prices has certainly taken a toll on our general public’s cost of living, and since everyone and their dogs have been buying homes at the top of their debt to income ratios, I’m sure they’re feeling the pinch all the more. There’s definitely going to be some rude awakenings after this impetuous buying spree is over, but hopefully our market will finally return to normal.

Most of my morning was spent working on sale files which are scheduled to close later this week. I did manage to get everything I needed done on the both of them, but on one, I’m still waiting for a banker to give me the definite day and time of its closing. It seems to be a never-fail with several of our area bankers who wait until the last days to get their sides completed. Oh well, I’m learning to adjust to their ways, and stressing all the less over it.

I’m continuing to get calls on my new acreage listing, and one of today’s callers, seemed all the more interested after mentioning the number of various types of mature trees it has growing on its five acres. It sounded like he was looking for a site which could be used for recreation, and then in time, build a new home on it. Believe it or not, there are more people buying old building sites with similar mindsets. I know one particular gentleman who’s be slowly clearing out junk, cutting out trash trees, and cleaning up a grove that’s likely not been touched in 30+ years. The last time I talked to him, he said he was about halfway finished with his clean-up project, and once that’s done, he’ll be moving forward with the build-out of his new home. I think he’s been taking his time on that side of it, and likely due to the steep increase in the costs of building materials.

Since one of my listings that’s coming up to close has a young family moving into it, I decided to pay it forward by having a broken window in one of it’s bedrooms replaced, so I took it to my “go to” glazier last Friday morning, and today they called to say it was ready. I went and picked it, and then drove over and re-installed it. My fears over that broken window, was one of their children getting cut on it before it was replaced. I’ve learned that if something continues to gnaw at me, it had best be soon addressed.

The cost of replacing it was only $35.00, but if I didn’t know how to get sashes out, it would’ve likely been over $100 or more for a double service call. It’s become all the more troubling when finding how few of our younger crowd know how to perform repairs and maintenance. I’d wager 90% of our homeowners have no idea how to replace broken window ropes in those old double-hung windows, so instead of replacing them, they leave the broken ropes hanging and start using sticks to hold their windows up. With all the YouTube videos out there, you’d think they’d at least make attempts to learn how to fix something that’s broken.

Some months ago when looking for a YouTube video about how something worked, I found one that was in the field of what I was looking for, so I clicked on it because there’d been so many people having watched it. Oh my goodness! I’m sure the main reason there were so many hits on it, was due to how scantily-clad the female presenter was dressed. Now if that wasn’t a definite “hook” to get men to watch it, I don’t know what else it could’ve been. Some men must really get their jollies out of watching a woman performing a job you’d normally see a man doing. Personally, I believe there should never be borders on what a man or woman should or shouldn’t do, but the evocative ways in which they’d possibly be dressed while working at whatever job, is when I say, “I’m outta here.”

I had a nice visit with one of my sellers today which centered around how some think they have to either buy or build giant homes after their children are nearly full-grown.
We both agreed that it’s senseless to have a 5,000 square foot home with only two people rattling around in it when they’re not at work. The practicality of such ideas makes absolutely no sense to me. Who in their right minds would want to have a monster homes that they’d have to keep clean on a regular basis, and not to mention the repairs and up-keep on them. I hate to say it, but many of the McMansions dotting our City, have only one or two people living in them. I just looked at one today that’s a five bedroom monstrosity with only one aging soul rattling around in it. If nothing else, such structures would make for comfortable winter walking routines for their aging occupants. Just remember, stair-stepping is the best exercise for our elderly.

My late afternoon appointment took me over to Nora Springs to give several dear clients of mine some pointers on getting their home prepped for sale. I did a full walk-thru, and after giving them my opinion on what needed to be done, we spent the rest of the time having a good visit. They’ve been clients of mine for well over 20 years, and since I know their extended family well, we were pretty filterless with our topics of conversation. Isn’t it refreshing when you can talk to someone without having to watch what’s said in fear of hurting a feeling or two? I’m still in dis-believe they’ve been living in that home I sold them for that many years. I was thinking it was only about seven years ago when we closed on it. Yes, the years continue to march forward all the faster.

Our last topic of conversation was about all the vile deer we have in and around our towns and cities. Since they both have to drive a distance to work, there was a consensus their numbers are exponentially on the rise. Those herds must be culled.

Tonight’s One-liner is: An object in possession, seldom retains the same charm it had while in pursuit of it.

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