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When looking at our weather forecast today, it appeared we’re going to be enduring another 10 day stretch of heat, but no rain. I was hoping we’re not going to be entering another phase of drought conditions the rest of this summer, but who knows what this continued global warming is going to have in store for us in our future growing seasons. When entering uncharted territories, it’s simply a crap shoot whenever attempting to make educated guesses.

I didn’t have any out-of-office appointments today with clients, but I did have a number of errands to run which ate up most of my morning. One of them was to take a handful of my out-dated MLS lockboxes out to our board office and exchange them for the so-called newer and better ones. I was quick to mention how much I believe our business world has become far too digitalized.

Our new lockboxes have Bluetooth which allows Realtors to use a mobile application to access those boxes. Knowing fully-well some areas of this City have poor mobile signals, as well as certain “pockets” around North Iowa, which will create problems with agents trying to get signals strong enough to get them opened. I can see it now. What’s the most troubling, is the thought of a cellular service going down for say even a day, and with all this hacking going on by our non-friendly global competitors, it’s giving them one more way to make our lives more challenging.

After wrestling on-and-off all day with those two closing files scheduled to close towards the end of this week, I think I’ve finally got everything readied on my side, so hopefully they’ll both be soft-landings. One of them happens to be my many-a-month problem child which will bring me great joy when it’s officially closed.

After hearing some very troubling stories about the drug dealing that’s been going on in our City, I’m of the belief we’ll soon be branded by the rest of our State as being per capita, the drug capital of Iowa. And don’t think it’s just the young ones because this has been going on so long, that there are now people in their senior years buying, selling and using. At one point in time, our City was considered the “Sin City”, but at the rate our drug problem is going, it’ll be not so endearingly referred to as the “Drug City”. And to think a generation or two ago, we lived in a City we were all proud to call our home.

I received a call from a dear friend of mine today to thank me for a small home-made gift I’d given her. After listening to her reviews, it was my confirmation she has very good taste for good food. I did promise to drop off another in the near future. The little thoughtful things we do for each other, is what keeps the fiber of our community intact.

We ended up talking about how as we grow older and both parents are deceased, the real differences of character begin to manifest themselves within our blood-related families. I went on to say that as far as I’m concerned, the best of friends are usually non-related. We both laughed when talking about the issues going on within each other’s families, and how much they’re similar. We were in full agreement that whenever such quirky relatives go off the deep end, it’s normally a sign they have some real issues going on in their brains which only they can fix.

I couldn’t help sharing one example of how hard and fast facts out of my past, were twisted around to the point of being akin to some trashy gothic novel. I insisted that there’s no use trying to convince such minds otherwise, because they’ve inserted hard-coded replacements of truths with their fictions, and that’s the way they’ll remain. Now when you compare it to what’s happening in our political arena, the similarities are striking enough to where you’re left wondering if it’s in the water, the food or the Kool-Aide they’ve been sipping. We both decided there’s no hope for such mentalities, so it’s best to walk, and sometimes run in opposite directions.

I had a visitor at office this afternoon who mentioned that a friend of hers recommended she stop to see me about possibly purchasing a home in the $50K-$80K price range. We first visited a little about her needs, along with the type of home she’s looking for, and then I went into my MLS database and pulled up those in her price range. Since I normally don’t check to see what’s available in our entire MLS on a daily basis, I was shocked to find there were only three listings remaining in her price range that were still available. Now that’s very troubling when considering we still have a bank of first-time buyers wanting to purchase before our cold weather returns. It’s going to be very interesting to see if we should happen to go back to a time long before I started selling real estate where there wasn’t much of anything to choose from in our fair City. If I’m not mistaken, those were the years between the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

We’ve been getting a great deal of interest in my acreage listing over near Clear Lake, and today’s showing was scheduled for a Realtor who was to meet someone from the metro area who’s looking to build a country home. I do hope they decide on it because that site has some beautiful trees on it, along with breath-taking views of the countryside. I’d love to sell it myself, but that’s not something I have much if any control over.

While outdoors last night, I was compelled to take the above photo of that fiery-red setting sun, and wouldn’t you know, I happened to read an article today which talked about our sunsets now being more red which is due to all the smoke from those many fires out West.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A prerequisite to empathy, is simply paying attention to the person in pain.

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