We Ain’t in Kansas

It was a very early up and out for me, and the main reason being, was my wanting to get a good amount of outdoor work done before it turned hot. For the first time in a number of years, I was fully-dressed in my work clothes and out diligently working shortly after the hour of six, and finally calling it quits about half past ten. All I can say about that four hour work-out, was having burned enough energy comparable to four a hour power-walk while being weighted down with another ten pounds. I did have to take several water breaks, just to keep myself hydrated. Oh my how the grass is starting to dry up.

When I returned to office, I gave myself a good cleaning, changed back into my Realtor clothes and headed up to Fertile for a showing of my new listing at 104 Lake Street. I managed to get there about five minutes before the buyer arrived, which afforded me enough time to get the home unlocked and all its lights turned on.

The showing went very well, but again, the buyer hadn’t yet visited with a bank which always sends up a red flag with me. I gave him the names of several lending institutions while strongly recommending he get himself pre-approved for a loan. Based on his comments about the home, I’ll not be surprised if he buys it when and if he gets lender approval. We both agreed that the garage alone would cost at least $40K to build in these crazy times of the staggeringly high costs of building materials. I’m still thinking the Chinese are trying to put a squeeze on us, and maybe even working on ways to alter our weather patterns. There’s been so many recent illuminations regarding the multitude of various methods our un-friendly nations are placing in motion to weaken us, and now to the point where just about any abnormal happening could be a possibility.

We somehow got on the subject of raccoons and squirrels getting into homes, and wicked me had to tell a few of my own stories about the preparation and cooking of both. Oh did he get a good laugh when I told him the story about my having peered into the oven of a distant relative when I was very young, and seeing a skinned and cleaned raccoon laid on a roasting pan on it’s back with its arms and legs outstretched. That was a hard-coded life-long memory which to this day, I’ll continue swear I know what a roasting raccoon smells like. Yuck! I’m sure you’ve heard all those many comments about wild game when cooked, tasting like chicken. Well, if a raccoon tastes anything like it smells, the likelihood of it tasting like chicken is bordering on the impossible.

After I got the home closed-up, I made haste back to the City for my 2:00 pm showing over at Prairie Place on 1st, and thank goodness I had all the print-outs readied beforehand, so all I had to do was grab them and head over.

I knew there was going to be a big group, and when I pulled up, several of them were already there waiting. We had a nice chat while waiting for the others, and when the rest of them did arrive, I proceeded to give them my “guided tour” of the three remaining units. We were there for well over an hour, and thankfully managed to get all of their questions answered with the exception of one which I’ll get tomorrow. I’d wager they’re definite players, and won’t be surprised if another one goes under contract this week.

Because I had to make sure all the lights were shut off and the doors locked, I managed to have a nice chat with four of the unit owners. I was glad to hear all’s been well with them, and truth be told, they’re becoming more like a real family to me. In fact, I even mentioned to one of them how as I’m growing older, I’m finding my real friends to be more important than family, and so much so that my over-all happiness is now greater than it’s been since I lost my very best friend who just-so happened to be my mother.

Being already out and about, I decided to head over to a groceteria and pick up a few necessities, and then headed back to office so to get it locked it up for the day. Having been very busy all day, I didn’t even have time to read any online news which is something I do on a near-daily basis. When I stopped at a convenience store to grab a bottle of water early this morning, I didn’t even bother looking at the headlines of our “River City Rag”. After reading an announcement regarding their moving out to the the old fitness center on Taft Ave., I couldn’t believe the number of mistakes they made before sending it to print. I’m beginning to now wonder if they’re able to write their own epitaphs without making glaring mistakes. Yes, it is a sorry example of journalism.

I forgot to mention a conversation I had with a recent transplant to our State and City whom I believe is one of the most charming and intelligent young men. We somehow got on the subject of his life goals, but unfortunately it sounds like he’s not planning on fulfilling his dreams in our City. It’s not surprising to hear “raw truths” about the state of our Downtown regarding the waste of money, our growing urban blight, and elevated taxes. Without hesitation he said, “Mason City’s dying, and the only place I’d consider creating a business, is in Clear Lake because they have their “shite” together.” My only comment was, “Don’t make any hasty decisions before we have another long talk.

After I bid him farewell, I drove off saddened once again after hearing valid reasons from yet one more of the many given by up-and-coming young people who “thought” Mason City would be a place they’d want to further their careers. Isn’t it terribly sad?

Now you see, that conversation is exactly what I’ve been preaching about regarding the mis-directed path in which our so-called “City Fathers” have chosen; be it stubbornness, an unwillingness to admit wrong, or just plain ignorance to our changing times, they absolutely must start shaking-off of their dead-end ideas, and begin a-new. It’s sort of like that statement on the Wizard of Oz, “We ain’t in Kansas anymore.” Really?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Cooking well, with love, is an art.

Joe Chodur

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