Erased from our Culture

It was an early up and out this morning, and mostly due to some additional desk work in need of my attention before the phones started ringing, and without interruptions, I’m always able to get such chores accurately completed in shorter time frames. After finishing up, I headed over to the post office, and then made a special detour to look at a project one of my friends has been working on, and since his car was out front, I placed a quick call to tell I was out front. After walking in, I found he’d been diligently working on that project since my last visit, and likely spending every free moment of his time hard at it. I sensed he was glad I stopped, and especially after mentioning how much better it looked. Yes, we all need a few soulful pats on our backs from time to time, just as a confirming acknowledgment we’ve progressed.

While reading the online news this morning, it was confirmed our jet stream is wobbling again, and mostly due to that heat dome located in our Southwest. It sounds like they’re going to have some record-breaking highs this week, but unfortunately, we’re getting their spillover here in the upper Midwest. They’re talking about rain coming at the end of this week, but the percentages of it happening are still low, so we’ll see.

As soon as the hour approached noon, I began getting phone calls from sellers who are readying their homes to be placed on the open market. I did run out and look at two of them, and only one looked presentable enough, so tomorrow morning I’ll be getting signatures from that seller. I’m not looking for it to be on the market very long, as it’s in a price range where we have distinct shortages. I’ve already placed calls to prospective buyers and left messages for them to call me if they’d be interested in looking at it.

After reviewing the recent batch of sales reported in our MLS, I had another jaw-drop when looking at those properties and the prices they brought. Since I’d been in most of them, my heart went out to those poor buyers when knowing they paid premiums for structures I’d not just walk away from, but more hurriedly be looking for an exit door and run as fast as I could in an opposite direction. I would’ve personally liked to’ve been the world’s tiniest mouse in a corner of each one of those homes, just to see and hear what type of sales pitches were been given to the buyers who ended up purchasing them.

Another call I received this afternoon, was from one more seller who’s likely going to be listing his home later this week. I’ll be wagering it’ll end up getting sold to an investor who’ll be turning it into an income producer. As chance would have it, that home’s been a rental for at least 40 years, but fortunately the owner did keep up with its repairs and maintenance. Once again, our City Assessor has the year built wrong, along with other key features which anyone with a set of eyes would see such mistakes. Don’t even get me started on the bloated assessed values that’ve been placed on homes far greater than they’d sell for, and even in these crazy impetuous buying times.

I’m still hoping we’ll soon be getting a clean offer on 404 S. 9th St. in Clear Lake, as it’s long-overdue. Truth be told, I’d say we’ve had at least six offers on it from the time it was listed, but nearly always being “subject-to” conditions which my seller found unacceptable. Now wouldn’t you think that if you had to sell your home first before buying another, you’d wait for an acceptable offer on it, before even bothering to make an offer on something else? There are a number of other solutions for such scenarios which make more sense, but for some reason, those buyers insisted on offering on it before they even had their homes listed, which made absolutely no sense to me.

I’m patiently waiting for the buyer who I showed 114 – 11th St. NE on Saturday, to call and say, “I’m ready to buy it.” As much as I wanted to place the call, I figured it best to wait at least one business day before I pestered. Yes, after that home is sold and closed, it’ll go down in my history book as being in the top ten of my most difficult estate sales, and especially when knowing how well it’s built and the number of big-ticket updates it offers. Yes, it’s just another sign of our times.

I forgot to mention yesterday, my happening upon a handful of cicada larvae which were only about two inches under ground, and located in a treed area where there were some rotting tree stumps. Oh my goodness, those larvae were well on their way to evolving into some hellaciously big bugs. I did notice one of their shells on the ground which I should’ve picked up and taken a photo. After doing a little research, there are various types of them, along with a difference in the number of years they spend underground. The “Brood X” which’ll be hitting States east of us, are now emerging after spending 17 years below the surface, while the ones most prevalent in Iowa, emerge every 13 years. Don’t you think our world of bugs can most the interesting at times?

If there’s one positive effect of this drought we’re experiencing, is the lack of those annoying mosquitos, while on the other hand, I’ve been noticing far more biting flies, and especially the horse and deer flies. Those devils pack one heck of a bite, and then leave lingering welts. When driving back from Fertile and noticing a herd of cattle going near-crazy from those flies, I’m just glad I don’t have to be outdoors bare-armed or legged with those nasties following me around. My long-sleeved tightly-woven cotton shirt, long pants, and my wide-brimmed hat always seem to keep them at bay.

I was a bit surprised when not noticing any flags being conspicuously flown by our residents today. Did our general public forget that today is Flag Day? Perhaps it’ll be another commemorative day being erased from our culture.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The American flag represents all of us and all the values we most hold sacred.

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